Friday, February 28, 2014

Unauthorized charge to my PayPal debit card

So the other day I received an email from PayPal stating that my recent PayPal debit card transaction did not go through due to insufficient funds. I am very glad that I did not link my debit card with my bank account cause I did not make this purchase. The purchase was for $13.56 from merchant RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 PA. I searched this on the internet and could not find anything to where it definitely came from. I did find a website and I am guessing that it could have come from there. I am not positive though.

Right away I knew that someone probably got my card number from one of those many trial offers that I signed up for back when I did Instant Rewards. This is one of many problems that I have had with these trial offer companies. I wrote an entry back a week or so ago about my card being charged $1 and then the $1 would be credited back and this happened several times even though I have cancelled my membership with 2 different companies. Not to mention the problems you would need to go through to actually cancel your account. You would call and they would ask you all kinds of questions and trying to get you to stay with them. This would happen for almost every single offer. I shouldn't have signed up for Instant Rewards or any companies like it.

So because of all this I had to close out my PayPal debit card and reapply for it. It will take a while for me to get a new card. I also had to order a new debit card from my bank account (I used it for one of the trial offers). Live and learn I guess.

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