Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Keep thinking positive and you will make money"

The title of this blog entry is what all these motivational sales speakers say. I have absolutely nothing against people that want to motivate their sales team. Sales is a really tough field so of course motivation is key in keeping your team productive. However, sometimes there are companies that are not going to move forward no matter how much work you put into it. This could be due to a product/service that is not useful to enough people. It could also be due to poor management who never seem to get anything done (this happens A LOT with work at home companies).

If you are being paid a base salary then you might be inclined to stick around. If you are being paid commission only then you may want to cut bait quicker. Most work at home companies that are hiring sales reps will only pay commission. I have hired people for a company that paid only commission and I have also been hired by a company that paid commission only. Therefore I know how it is on both sides.

When a company is starting up and they want to hire sales reps to work from home it makes sense for them to pay their workers commission only. They usually hire them as Independent Contractors so it allows them to work flexible hours. A company that I used to hire at home workers for paid them commission only. I recommended a dialer system for this company so people could log into it and make calls. The owner decided against this. So we were never sure if people actually worked and because of this very few people got on the phone to make calls and ultimately they did not make any sales. We had people that were all talk and supposedly were doing all this work and that sales were about to close but that never happened.

Things at this company did not seem to move either. There were all these hires and trainings but when it came to sales there were hardly any and no money was coming in. I worked for this company for a year and at that point I had enough. The owner had good intentions and was very nice but I could not stay and make next to nothing for money. If they had a dialer system and a better business development team things would have probably been different.

So the question is when should you quit if you are not making any sales? My answer to that is it all depends on the situation you are in. If the company you are with is paying you a base salary that you are able to survive on then you should stay with them for 3 months. That's normally the probationary period if you are at a regular brick and mortar job. However, if you are with a company that you are working from home on commission only then I would only give it 2-4 weeks. You need money and waiting anymore time is just going to hurt you.

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