Sunday, February 23, 2014

Discouraged with

A while back I signed up for one of those trial offer business opportunities called Instant Rewards. I had signed up for another one a couple years prior to that one but it never worked out for me. I gave Instant Rewards a try and found that it just was not for me. I tried to market it to people using ways I felt comfortable doing it and I could not get anyone to sign up. Then I was told to market it on Craigslist like its a job opportunity and then you "interview" people and then schedule them for an "orientation" where you get people to sign up for these trial offers where they need to enter their credit card information. I refused to do this because I found it to be very misleading.

When I signed up for this opportunity I signed up for several trial offers because I wanted to make the most money. I had to make sure that I cancelled everything on time so I would not be charged monthly for these services. I cancelled all of these services months ago and had no problems with most of them except for and Freester is a site where you get all kinds of discounts at movie theaters, shopping, etc. is a credit report website. Both of these you sign up for and it charges you $1.

I knew that I would be charged $1 for and for I had no problems with this. However, my card has been charged multiple times and its been credited multiple times. Freester did this for weeks after I ended the service. It seemed like 2 times a week they were charging my card for $1 and putting it back on. This gets really annoying. It eventually stopped which was nice. MyScore was doing this as well and I thought that that had stopped until the other day when I noticed that they charged my card for $1. Then I looked at my account today and saw that there was a credit on my account for $1.

I am not sure if they actually have charged me more then $1 because they kept taking it out then putting it back in. However, I don't appreciate having my card ran through their system when I cancelled this months ago! So now I had to call my bank and have a new card issued to me. My advice to everyone who sees an ad on Craigslist for a "job"and needs to sign up for some trial offer DO NOT GO FOR IT. Its very misleading and you will most likely be left with frustrations with your card being charged multiple times and not being able to make any money by signing people up.

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