Friday, February 28, 2014

Unauthorized charge to my PayPal debit card

So the other day I received an email from PayPal stating that my recent PayPal debit card transaction did not go through due to insufficient funds. I am very glad that I did not link my debit card with my bank account cause I did not make this purchase. The purchase was for $13.56 from merchant RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 PA. I searched this on the internet and could not find anything to where it definitely came from. I did find a website and I am guessing that it could have come from there. I am not positive though.

Right away I knew that someone probably got my card number from one of those many trial offers that I signed up for back when I did Instant Rewards. This is one of many problems that I have had with these trial offer companies. I wrote an entry back a week or so ago about my card being charged $1 and then the $1 would be credited back and this happened several times even though I have cancelled my membership with 2 different companies. Not to mention the problems you would need to go through to actually cancel your account. You would call and they would ask you all kinds of questions and trying to get you to stay with them. This would happen for almost every single offer. I shouldn't have signed up for Instant Rewards or any companies like it.

So because of all this I had to close out my PayPal debit card and reapply for it. It will take a while for me to get a new card. I also had to order a new debit card from my bank account (I used it for one of the trial offers). Live and learn I guess.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Keep thinking positive and you will make money"

The title of this blog entry is what all these motivational sales speakers say. I have absolutely nothing against people that want to motivate their sales team. Sales is a really tough field so of course motivation is key in keeping your team productive. However, sometimes there are companies that are not going to move forward no matter how much work you put into it. This could be due to a product/service that is not useful to enough people. It could also be due to poor management who never seem to get anything done (this happens A LOT with work at home companies).

If you are being paid a base salary then you might be inclined to stick around. If you are being paid commission only then you may want to cut bait quicker. Most work at home companies that are hiring sales reps will only pay commission. I have hired people for a company that paid only commission and I have also been hired by a company that paid commission only. Therefore I know how it is on both sides.

When a company is starting up and they want to hire sales reps to work from home it makes sense for them to pay their workers commission only. They usually hire them as Independent Contractors so it allows them to work flexible hours. A company that I used to hire at home workers for paid them commission only. I recommended a dialer system for this company so people could log into it and make calls. The owner decided against this. So we were never sure if people actually worked and because of this very few people got on the phone to make calls and ultimately they did not make any sales. We had people that were all talk and supposedly were doing all this work and that sales were about to close but that never happened.

Things at this company did not seem to move either. There were all these hires and trainings but when it came to sales there were hardly any and no money was coming in. I worked for this company for a year and at that point I had enough. The owner had good intentions and was very nice but I could not stay and make next to nothing for money. If they had a dialer system and a better business development team things would have probably been different.

So the question is when should you quit if you are not making any sales? My answer to that is it all depends on the situation you are in. If the company you are with is paying you a base salary that you are able to survive on then you should stay with them for 3 months. That's normally the probationary period if you are at a regular brick and mortar job. However, if you are with a company that you are working from home on commission only then I would only give it 2-4 weeks. You need money and waiting anymore time is just going to hurt you.

Discouraged with

A while back I signed up for one of those trial offer business opportunities called Instant Rewards. I had signed up for another one a couple years prior to that one but it never worked out for me. I gave Instant Rewards a try and found that it just was not for me. I tried to market it to people using ways I felt comfortable doing it and I could not get anyone to sign up. Then I was told to market it on Craigslist like its a job opportunity and then you "interview" people and then schedule them for an "orientation" where you get people to sign up for these trial offers where they need to enter their credit card information. I refused to do this because I found it to be very misleading.

When I signed up for this opportunity I signed up for several trial offers because I wanted to make the most money. I had to make sure that I cancelled everything on time so I would not be charged monthly for these services. I cancelled all of these services months ago and had no problems with most of them except for and Freester is a site where you get all kinds of discounts at movie theaters, shopping, etc. is a credit report website. Both of these you sign up for and it charges you $1.

I knew that I would be charged $1 for and for I had no problems with this. However, my card has been charged multiple times and its been credited multiple times. Freester did this for weeks after I ended the service. It seemed like 2 times a week they were charging my card for $1 and putting it back on. This gets really annoying. It eventually stopped which was nice. MyScore was doing this as well and I thought that that had stopped until the other day when I noticed that they charged my card for $1. Then I looked at my account today and saw that there was a credit on my account for $1.

I am not sure if they actually have charged me more then $1 because they kept taking it out then putting it back in. However, I don't appreciate having my card ran through their system when I cancelled this months ago! So now I had to call my bank and have a new card issued to me. My advice to everyone who sees an ad on Craigslist for a "job"and needs to sign up for some trial offer DO NOT GO FOR IT. Its very misleading and you will most likely be left with frustrations with your card being charged multiple times and not being able to make any money by signing people up.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your consignment Value $4.5 Is Ready Now- 419 Scam

Attention: Please,
I have registered your Consignment Box of ($4.5Million) dollars with UPS COMPANY this morning as their agreed to the delivery the UPS COMPANY will take off tomorrow morning based on my agreement with them, so please re-confirmed your personal information Such as to them.
1. Your full name
2. Address where you will like it to be sent
3. Private phone number
4. Your age.
5. Attached / scanned copy of any identification of yours
ATTN: Dr. Jerry Cook
Thanks and Remain Blessed,
Best Regards,
Barr Paul Ngwuma.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Payment was send by Warick International- 419 Scam

 I received this email today from a "Lacrouse David Dvi" with the email address It contained an attached file which I am guessing contains a virus. You would think that they would make this look legit by cleaning up this horrible English.


I just inform you i pay by wire total amount of invoices.

I would like to know if my payment has been accepted and when i will have a status for my website.

I have attached with a copy of the receipt from bank for payment $ 2.000 at your account bank.

Thank you for your time, and if there are any issues regarding this payment please contact me using the above details.

Ps. Y have attached and 25 keywords witch i prefer to be on top.

Kind regards,

Bonne soirée à vous et très bon week end.

Global Account Manager – UK & Ireland

Warwick International Hotels | 75, Avenue des Champs-Elysées | 75008 Paris, France