Saturday, January 11, 2014

I am back everyone. Here are some updates.

I decided to take a break from the online stuff for a little while. I got laid off from my office manager position and I needed to tie up some loose ends with that. I also needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what I have been doing and what needs to change. With all of that said and done there have been some changes here.

I am no longer running websites or I have deleted those domains and no longer have access to them. I decided that there are just way too many websites out there with work at home opportunities and it was just a waste of money for me to keep this up and running. Also, I had to deal with constant emails from certain people asking me for new work at home opportunities that maybe I had not listed on my site. I updated my website constantly and all the opportunities I listed on it was what I currently had that I felt confident enough to recommend to people.

There was also information that some of these businesses I had listed hid from me. The only way I found out what was actually going on is because I had signed up to work for them. I would then get the actual facts of the company. There was a company that would get people to pay for a crappy service through deceptive tactics such as offering "free" gift cards. You would just have to pay $6 for shipping and then you would automatically be billed every month for a service that should be free.

Another company offered a customer service position that paid you per minute you were on the call. Your job was to try and get customers to stay with the service they want to cancel through various scripts. You would need to rebuttal them at least 2 times before you cancelled the service. Being a customer of one of these services my debit card kept being credited and then debited for weeks. There wasn't anymore money that was taken out but it is annoying seeing a credit on your card for $1 one day and the next day a debit is made for $1. This happened several times before it was finally straightened out. Usually people did not know that they signed up for the service cause they did it through some incentive plan and information about them automatically billing them was written in fine print.

Many work at home opportunities involve either telemarketing or customer service work. A lot of people out there (including myself) do not like phone work. There are some non phone jobs but those are usually very competitive and hard to get into. Most people that are looking for a position need to make money now and not waste their time and effort to go through all the interviews and testing and then find out that they did not make the cut.

There are a couple of non phone positions that I have personally tried and gotten paid for. I will list those on my next blog entry. These positions are meant to be supplemental income. This means they are great extra money in addition to whatever other income you have. 

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