Monday, January 27, 2014

Contact Adexec Courier Immediately For Your Parcell- 419 Scam

I got this email from a BARRISTER AKA WILLIAM with a reply to address of and a from address

Good day!!!

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm able Bank Draft of $850,000 United States Dollars, but I did not hear from you since for a couple of weeks now. Then I went to the bank to confirm if the draft has expired or getting near to expire and Dr.Wilson the Director Bank of Africa told me that before the draft will get to your hand that it will expire. So I told him to cash the $850,000USD UNITED STATES DOLLARS to cash payment to avoid losing this funds under expiration as I will be out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not come back till ending of March 2014 What you have to do now is to contact Adexec COURIER SERVICES as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your Consignment to you because of the expiring date. For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge,Insurance premium.

The only money you will send to the Adexec COURIER SERVICES to deliver your Consignment direct to your postal Address in your country is ($98.00 US) United States Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by any body to pay any other money except $98.00 US Dollars.I would have paid that but they said no because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of Dumurrage.You have to contact Adexec COURIER SERVICES now for the delivery of your Draft with this information bellow;

Directors Name:      Patrick E.Patrick
Email Address:
Tel/FAX:              +234-8127-988-818

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $98.00 US Dollars for their immediate action.

Note this. The Adexec COURIER SERVICES don't know the contents of the Box. I registered it as a BOX of Africa cloths.

They did not know the contents was money. this is to avoid them delaying with the BOX. Don't let them know that box contents money OK. I am waiting for your urgent response.

Yours Faithfully,
barrister Aka William

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Award Email from the "United Nations"- 419 Scam

United Nations Compensation Unit, In Affiliation with World Bank Our Ref: U.N/WBO/04/2013.

Congratulations Beneficiary,

You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been having a meeting for quit sometime now and we just came to a logical conclusion few days ago in affiliation with the World Bank president. This email is to few well listed people that have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS in Affiliation with WORLD BANK have agreed to compensate them with the sum of USD500,000.00 Dollars each.

These includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government problems etc. We found your email in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise and that is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed.

You are advised to contact Dr. Jim Ovia of our paying Bank in Africa, as he is our representative in Africa. Contact him immediately for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of USD500,000.00 Dollars.Your payment is in form of a Bank Draft for security purpose, he will send it to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice. Therefore, you should send him your full Name and telephone number your correct mailing address where you want him to send the Draft to you. Contact Dr. Jim Ovia of ZENITH BANK PLC with your payment code: /09/05/1982/ immediately for your Cheque at the given address below:

Contact Official: Dr. Jim Ovia
Phone: +2348183400711

I apologize on behalf of the United Nation organization for any delay you might have encountered in receiving your fund in the past. Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hoping to hear from you as soon as you cash your Bank Draft. Making the world a better place. You are required to contact the above person and furnish him with the following of your information that will be required to avoid any mistakes:-

1. Your Full name:
2. Your Country:
3. Contact Address:
4. Telephone Number:
5. Fax Number:
6. Marital Status:
7. Occupation:
8. Sex:
9. Age:

Congratulations, and I look forward to hear from you as soon as you confirm your payment making the world a better place.

Ms. Valerie Amos.
United Nations Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs,
Emergency Relief Coordinator.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Legit non phone work at home opportunity Slicethepie

If you love listening to and reviewing music you will love this work at home opportunity. You are paid for each song review that you do. The better the review is the more you get paid. You need to listen to at least 80 seconds of the song before submitting your review. You can get paid anywhere from $.02-$.20 per song. They also have a great referral program as well where you are paid 10% of each review your referrals do.

You are paid out through PayPal once your account reaches $10. It takes a few days for them to verify your earnings one you request a payout. They usually pay on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I have been signed up for Slicethepie for a while but never really got into it. A lot of people really like this opportunity so I decided to make some money at it and see for myself if they paid on time and they did. If you are interested in signing up for this opportunity visit

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tips for starting up your own work at home company

So you want to start your own company and hire people to work from home? That's great! That is an awesome way to save money on rent, utilities, and everything else you need to run a physical office location. There are however disadvantages to having people work from home. In this blog you will find out how to make sure your work at home company is successful.

The first thing is that you cannot see what your at home workers are doing. This means that unless you have them logged into a system to take or make calls automatically you have no idea if they are sitting in front of their computers working or on their couch sleeping. I can guarantee you that you will have people claim they are working when in fact they are not. If you have people log into a dialer system you will soon realize who wants to work and who doesn't. I recommend this method for any outbound/inbound telephone work.

How do you intend to pay your workers? Do you want to hire them as 1099 independent contractors or regular W2 employees? If you hire them as employees you will need to pay them the minimum wage in your state. You will also need to pay half their taxes and pay unemployment insurance as well as overtime. However, you will be able have more control over them such as saying the hours they need to work and specific ways on how they need to get the job done. If you hire independent contractors they are responsible for paying their own taxes. You don't need to pay them minimum wage nor overtime. You also don't need to pay unemployment insurance. HOWEVER, you cannot tell your workers that they need to work certain hours. You also cannot micromanage them. There have been dozens of work at home companies that have gotten into legal trouble because of this. You need to check with your local labor board for more information regarding these terms. You also need an EIN number from the IRS before you can hire employees or independent contractors.

When you are searching for people to work for your company from home you will run into all personality types. As a person who hired people to work from home I can tell you that this is not an easy task. There will be people who will impress you in every way possible but when it comes time for them to work you will not see any results. When I was hiring for a work at home company I literally went through 50 people to find 1 good, motivated worker. You would not believe some of the emails and resumes I received. We would have an orientation to give more information about the company. One person wanted more information through email and when he was told all the info would be covered on the orientation conference call he told us "Well I have some info for you, go fuck yourself asshole". This should not shock you if someone says this to you. The work at home force is very different then the regular brick and mortar world.

Be prepared to deal with all kinds of excuses on why people can't work. Especially if you hire independent contractors. People who are experienced in working from home know what the difference is. It is not unusual for a person to call out on their first day.  The way I did things was I would give people 2 weeks to show me what they got. If they were really working hard and showing good motivation I would let them stay. BE PREPARED TO TELL SOME PEOPLE THAT USING CAPS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. This happened with me before and this particular person went on a tirade when I asked her nicely to stop using all caps. This will be a huge red flag for you and you need to cut ties immediately with this person.

You will encounter people who are skeptical of your company because it is work at home. Once you explain everything about your company and what the pay is if they are still giving you a hard time and grilling you with questions you do not want this person working for you. Tell them thanks for your interest but you are going with someone else. I can't tell you how many times I have had this happen. You do not want to "sell" people into working for you. You will encounter this if you are looking for seasoned sales people to work for you.

If you require a background check for your workers and any certification courses please bite the bullet and pay for this yourself. The biggest red flag for work at home seekers is when a company asks them to pay money. I would never pay to work for a company and neither will 99% of people out there. Your companies reputation will be dragged through the mud.

I hope this has helped you out with starting your own work at home company. Please make sure to check with an attorney or your labor board for more information on hiring employees or independent contractors. I wish you and your company all the success!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello- 419 Scam

This email has a reply to address of 
We received the instructional letter to credit $10.5million to your
account. We wish to let you know that all charges are waived for the
success of this contract fund to be credited into your account.
Your response is required to enable us credit your account without any
further delay and you are also required to get back to us with the
confirmation of your banking particulars for us to know if what we have in
file is correct and to avoid crediting your fund to wrong account.
Please be fast on this matter. Thanks and God bless you.
Mr. Daniel K Tarullo
Payment Director Federal Reserve Board New York.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Attn: My Dear,

I am Mrs Mary Susan Derrick, I am a USA citizen 48 years Old. I reside here in New Braunfels Texas My residential address is as follows 108 Crockett Court Apt 303, New Braunfels Texas United States, am thinking of relocating since I am now rich, I am one of those that took part in the Compensation in Nigeria many years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $50,000 while in the United State trying to get my payment all to no avail.

So I decided to travel to WASHINGTON D.C with all my compensation documents, And I was directed by the ( F B I) Director to contact Agent Mr.Kelvin Williams who his a representative of the ( FB I ) and a member of the COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE in Europe and I contacted him, he explained everything to me. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake.

He took me to the paying bank for the claim of my Compensation payment. Right now I am the most happiest woman on earth because I have received my compensation funds of $15,Million Us Dollars, Moreover, Mr Kelvin Williams showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their payment and I saw your email address as one of the beneficiaries,that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you i will advise you to contact Mr.Kelvin Williams.

You have to contact him directly on this information below.

Name: Mr Kelvin Williams

You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your funds is with them, it is not in anyway with them they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing.

The only money I paid after I met Mr.Kelvin Williams was just $400 for the paper works take note of that.

Once again stop contacting those people, I will advise you to contact Mr.Kelvin Williams so that he can help you to Deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

Mrs. Mary Susan Derrick
108 Crockett Court.
Apt 303, New Braunfels Texas,
United States Of America

Email secured by Check Point

Final Payment Notification- 419 Scam



The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in conjunction with other relevant Investigation Agencies here in the State have been informed through our Global intelligence monitoring network that you have an on-going transaction with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as regard to your over-due contract payment which was fully endorsed in your favour. It might interest you to know that we have taken time in screening through this project as stipulated on our protocol of operation and have finally confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all facet and of which you have the lawful right to claim without any further delay. We will further advise that you go ahead and deal with the governor office of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) accordingly as we will be monitoring all their correspondence with you.

In addition, also be informed that we recently had a meeting with the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, in the person of Mr Sanusi Lamido and Mr. Paul Jones along with some of the top officials of the ministry regarding your case and they made us to understand that your file has been held in abase depending on when you personally apply for the claim. They also told us that the only problem they are facing right now is that some unscrupulous element are using this project as an avenue to scam innocent people off their hard earned money by impersonating the Executive Governor and the Central Bank office. We were also made to understand that a lady with name of Mrs. Joan C. Bailey from OHIO has already contacted them and also presented to them all the necessary documentations evidencing your claim purported to have been signed personally by you prior to the release of your contract fund valued at about US$8,000,000.00 (Eight million united states dollars).

More so, we were advised to warn our dear citizens who must have been informed of their contract payment from the Central Bank of Nigeria, to be very careful prior to the on-going internet irregularities,  so that they would not fall victim of ugly circumstances.  In case they are already dealing with anybody or office from the Central Bank of Nigeria are strictly advised to STOP further communication with them in their best interest and thereby contact the real office of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) via the below information:

OFFICE ADDRESS: Central Bank of Nigeria,
Central Business District,
Cadastral Zone, Abuja, Federal.
Capital Territory, Nigeria.

NOTE: In your best interest, you should ignore any message that does not come from the above email address and phone number for security reasons.  Meanwhile, you are hereby advised to contact the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria via above details immediately and request for instant attention to your payment files as directed herein, so as to enable you receive your contract fund accordingly.

To enable them attend to your payment files, you are required to reconfirm and authenticate your personal data/particulars as listed below for onward processing and release of you fund as we will not be held liable for any wrong payment.

FULL NAMES: __________________________________
CITY: _________________________
STATE: __________________________________
ZIP: ______________
SEX: _______________
AGE: __________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________

Ensure you follow all due process as required by Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in order to hasten up the whole procedures of your fund transfer to your designated account.  Bear in mind, that the Central Bank of Nigeria equally has an operational operandi (payment protocol) in line with international banking policy. So, you should adhere to avoid any delay which maybe detriment your fund transfer.

Once again, we hereby advise you to contact them via the above email address and make sure you forward to them all the necessary information which they may require from you prior to the release of your fund to you. All modalities have already been worked out and we will be monitoring all your dealings with the CBN’s governor in respect to your fund transfer. Thus, you have nothing to worry about as far as we, the FBI is concerned.

Henceforth, you should always update us as to enable us be on track with you and the Central Bank of Nigeria. Finally, we want you to contact them immediately via the above email address so as to enable them attend to your case accordingly without any further delay as time is already running out.  Should you need more information(s) in regard to this notification, feel free to get back to us on this email address so that we can put you through and as well guide you during and after your successful actualization of this project.

Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation in advance as we earnestly await your urgent response regards to this matter.

Best Regards,

James B. Comey, Jr
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building.
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dear Customer (419 Scam)

This is an email that SUPPOSEDLY came from "FedEx Delivery Department". Its funny though because the email doesn't look like it came from FedEx "". This email was probably hijacked from the scammer. The reply to address is

Services. Aba. Aba 8 Factory Road,
FedEx Nigeria Head Office 70 International
Airport Road Mafoluku, Lagos, Nigeria.
Opened 7am-12pm daily

Dear Customer

We have been waiting for you to contact us for your Confirmed Package that is registered with us for shipping to your residential location.We thought that the sender gave you our contact details and that you would have contacted us by now. We would also let you know that a letter is also attached to your package.However, we cannot quote its content to you via E-mail for privacy reasons.We understand that the content of your package itself is a Bank Draft worth $800,000.00 USD, in FedEx we do not ship money in CASH or in CHEQUES but in Bank Drafts only.

The package is registered with us for mailing by your colleague, and your colleague explained that he is from the United States but he is in Nigeria for a three (3) month Surveying Project. for he is working with a consulting firm in Nigeria West Africa. We are sending you this E-mail because your package is been registered on a Special Order.

What you have to do now, is to contact our Delivery Department for the immediate dispatch of your package to your residential address.Note that as soon as our Delivery Team confirms your information, it will only take us one working day (24 hours) for your package to arrive at its designated destination.For your information, the VAT & Shipping charges as well as Insurance fees have been paid by your colleague before your package was registered.

Note that the payment that is made on the Insurance, Premium & Clearance Certificates, are to certify that the Bank Draft is not a Drug Affiliated Fund (DAF) neither is it funds to sponsor Terrorism in your country. This will help you avoid any form of query from the Monetary Authority of your country.

However, you will have to pay a sum of $205 US Dollars to the FedEx Delivery Department for the Security Keeping Fee of the FedEx company as stated in our privacy terms & condition page. Also be informed that your colleague wished to pay for the Security Keeping charges, but we do not accept such payments considering the facts that all items & packages registered with us has a time limitation and we cannot accept payment not knowing when you will be picking up the package or even respond to us. So we cannot take the risk to have accepted such payment in case of any possible demurrage.

Kindly note that your colleague did not leave us with any further information.We hope that you send your response to us as soon as possible because if you fail to respond until the expiry date of the foremost package, we may refer the package to the British Commission for Welfare as the package those not have a return address.

Kindly contact the delivery department (FedEx Delivery Post) with the details given below:

FedEx Delivery Post
Contact Person: David Mosoff
Phone Number : +234 705 54 55 884

Kindly complete the below form and send it to the email address given above.

This is mandatory to reconfirm your Postal address and telephone numbers.



As soon as your details are received, our delivery team will give you the necessary payment procedure so that you can effect the payment for the Security Keeping Fees. As soon as they confirm your payment receipt of $205 US Dollars.

They will not hesitate to dispatch your package as well as the attached letter to your residence. which usually takes 24 hours being an over night delivery service.

Note: that we were not instructed to email you, but due to the high priority of your package we had to inform you as your sender did not leave us with his phone number because he stated that he just arrived Nigeria and he has not gotten a phone yet.We personally sealed your Bank Draft and we found your email contact in the attached letter as the recipient of the foremost package.Ensure to contact the delivery department with the email address given above and ensure to fill the above form as well to enable a successful reconfirmation.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. David Mosoff.
FedEx Delivery Post.
Phone Number : +234 705 54 55 884

All rights reserved. © 1995-2013
This E-mail is only for the above addressees. It may contain confidential or Privileged information. If you are not an addressee you must not copy, distribute, disclose or use any of the information in it or any attachments.

Non Phone Work at Home Opportunities

The following is a list and a description of each work at home company that I recommend. These are non phone opportunities and you are able to work whenever you want for however long you want. None of these opportunities require you to pay a fee or put in credit card information. Most of these opportunities let you get started immediately.

ClixSense- This is a GPT site where you can earn money by clicking ads, doing small internet tasks, completing offers, and taking surveys.  They pay out on Mondays and Fridays via PayPal. You need to have a minimum of $8 to cash out. They pay on time every time. I have been an active member of ClixSense for the past year now and I love it. This is by far the GPT site that I use the most. You also make money off of the people you refer. You can be in any country to sign up but if you are in the USA you have the chance to make the most money. This is a great way to make some extra money anytime day or night. To sign up for ClixSense go to You can make money as soon as today!

CashCrate- CashCrate is another great paying GPT site. You can get paid by taking surveys, completing offers, and referring others. CashCrate has the best referral program around. The more people you refer the bigger cut you get. You start getting paid every month via check but then as you move up the latter with you referrals you can get paid weekly via direct deposit or PayPal. I have been with CashCrate since 2012 and have been paid on time every time. I started receiving a check but now I get payments to my PayPal account. You need to have a minimum of $20 a month to receive payment. This is not difficult and once you start referring others you will be amazed at how that money adds up. You can sign up in any country but this site is best if people from the US sign up. I have been told from people from other countries that they don't have as many offers or surveys for them. As with all GPT sites you can make money at this anytime day or night. To sign up and to start making money today go to

Humanatic- This company is looking for call reviewers to work from home. You will be listening to calls to various companies such as car dealerships and dental offices. You will be marking calls to see if they meet certain requirements. These are not live calls they are recordings. In order to be qualified for this position you need to have a quiet place to work from and you need to have a PayPal account. You are paid once a week via PayPal. The pay is per recording and ranges from $.01-$.03+ depending on the category. There are bonuses in place to help you make even more money. You can work anytime day or night but the calls are heaviest during the day and early evening. To apply for a position go to

MTurk- This is a website ran by that pays people to do small internet tasks. These tasks include transcription, web research, writing, etc. Pay is per task which all depends on how complex the assignment is. Tasks can range from $.01-$10+. You can get paid via direct deposit or Amazon gift card. The minimum amount you need to withdraw is $1. To sign up for MTurk visit

Those are the 4 non phone work at home opportunities that I recommend. I can personally say that I have never had a payment from any of these companies delayed or never paid. This is one of the key components to finding a legit work at home opportunity..

I am back everyone. Here are some updates.

I decided to take a break from the online stuff for a little while. I got laid off from my office manager position and I needed to tie up some loose ends with that. I also needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what I have been doing and what needs to change. With all of that said and done there have been some changes here.

I am no longer running websites or I have deleted those domains and no longer have access to them. I decided that there are just way too many websites out there with work at home opportunities and it was just a waste of money for me to keep this up and running. Also, I had to deal with constant emails from certain people asking me for new work at home opportunities that maybe I had not listed on my site. I updated my website constantly and all the opportunities I listed on it was what I currently had that I felt confident enough to recommend to people.

There was also information that some of these businesses I had listed hid from me. The only way I found out what was actually going on is because I had signed up to work for them. I would then get the actual facts of the company. There was a company that would get people to pay for a crappy service through deceptive tactics such as offering "free" gift cards. You would just have to pay $6 for shipping and then you would automatically be billed every month for a service that should be free.

Another company offered a customer service position that paid you per minute you were on the call. Your job was to try and get customers to stay with the service they want to cancel through various scripts. You would need to rebuttal them at least 2 times before you cancelled the service. Being a customer of one of these services my debit card kept being credited and then debited for weeks. There wasn't anymore money that was taken out but it is annoying seeing a credit on your card for $1 one day and the next day a debit is made for $1. This happened several times before it was finally straightened out. Usually people did not know that they signed up for the service cause they did it through some incentive plan and information about them automatically billing them was written in fine print.

Many work at home opportunities involve either telemarketing or customer service work. A lot of people out there (including myself) do not like phone work. There are some non phone jobs but those are usually very competitive and hard to get into. Most people that are looking for a position need to make money now and not waste their time and effort to go through all the interviews and testing and then find out that they did not make the cut.

There are a couple of non phone positions that I have personally tried and gotten paid for. I will list those on my next blog entry. These positions are meant to be supplemental income. This means they are great extra money in addition to whatever other income you have.