Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I love how these scammers send out emails pretending to be law enforcement and saying that you are owed this money. Then when you contact them they tell you to send in a "fee" to get your money. What you are really doing is just sending them money and you will never receive anything. This original email had a lot more spaces in it but I got rid of them to make this a shorter body. 


We hereby inform you that the Scotland Yard Police, Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI) United States of America, the Economic and  Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria and all the African Crime fighter leaders have come together to stop scam/internet fraud in Nigeria and all round Africa. We have recovered over US$2.6 Billion United State Dollars from the people we have behind bars.
Listed below are the name of frausters and banks behind the non release of your funds.

1) Sanusi Lamido
2) Ms. Carman L. Lapointe
2) Micheal Edward
3) Chief Joseph Sanusi
3) Dr Godwin Emefiele
4) Mrs. Sherry Williams
5) Robert S. Mueller, III
6) Barrister David Scott
7) Mr. James B. Comey Jr
8) Barrister Ucheuzo Williams
9) Dr. Patrick Aziza Deputy Governor - Policy / Board Member
10) Mr. Dan Rochas (I.M.F)
11) Mrs. Tanner Williams
12) Mr Wilson Norman
13) Dr. Godwin Oboh: Director Union Bank Of Nigeria.
14) Mr. John Collins: Global Diplomat Director.
15) Foreign fund diplomatic courier
16) Mrs. Jennifer Saldana
17) Mr Jim Ovia: Zenith Bank Plc In Nigeria

Our duty is to make sure we stop internet scam and money laundering. As  for today we have put a lot of fraudsters in jail. We go all over Africa to pick this internet rats,We have over 8,273 of them in our jail around Africa and we are still looking for more. We are aware that a lot of foreigners out there have been deceived and lost their hard earn  money to these fraudsters after promising them percentages in their letters/e-mails for their impending help to move funds out Africa including fake lottery winning notification and at the end of the day,  they will collect thousands of dollars from you without a successful end. It was agreed that to retain the good image of our country and the rest of  African countries, all the victims who lost his/her hard earn money to these faceless thieves will be compensated with just US$5,000,000,00 (Five Million United State Dollars).
This we assume will help you to start a new life.  Please, we apologies that you take our offer as little as it is due to the fact that (victims) in our pay list are too numerous. We en-back on this pay back from the money we recovered from these fraudsters, So you are advise to contact Mr. Greg Morrison and let him know if you are still interested to get your Master Card to you today as he have been waiting to hear from you to help him complete this delivery to you. contact him with your personal information below for the release of your Master Card worth US$5,000,000,00.
NOTE: You are advised to furnish Mr. Greg Morrison With $350 and also your correct and valid details. Also be informed that the amount to be paid to you is $5,000,000.00 (Five Million United State Dollars). We expect your urgent response to this E-mail to enable us monitor this payment effectively thereby making contact with Mr. Greg Morrison. As directed to avoid further delay.
Provide your details below and forward it to Mr. Greg Morrison for the release of your Master Card.
FLL NAME.......
Contact Name: Mr. Greg Morrison
Contact Email Address: mr.gregmorrison@yahoo.com.hk

Thanks and remain Bless
Mr. Michael J. Burn.

Supervising Manager

Fake FedEx Email

This is a screenshot of an email I received from a scammer pretending to be FedEx. This is bogus and if you click on the Get Shipment Label link it tries to take you to a website called daily-shop-coupon.com. The link doesn't seem to be working. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Contact DHL Courier Company (419 Scam)

This is an example of a 419 scam. You are told that you are about to receive millions and to contact someone. The smart ones will not ask for any money upfront. When you contact this person and when they feel that they have gained your trust then they will ask for a fee to receive your money. One excuse after the other will come up and they will try to get you to send more and more money. You will never see any money. They will just see yours going to them.

We wish to inform you that the diplomatic agent conveying the consignment box valued the sum of $17.6
Million United States Dollars misplaced your address and he is currently
stranded at your International airport

We required you reconfirm the following information below so that he can deliver your consignment box to you today.
NAME:========================= =====
ADDRESS: ===========================
MOBILE NO.:========================== =

Please do contact the diplomatic agent with the email below with the information required.

Contact Person : AGENT.MAXWELL ISAAC EMAIL;(maxwellisaac715@yahoo. com)
He is waiting to hear from you today with the information. NOTE : The
Diplomatic agent does not know that the content of the consignment box
is $17.6 Millions United States Dollars and on no circumstances should
you let him know the content. The consignments was moved from here as
family treasures, so never allow him to open the box.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Attention: Beneficiary ,
With respect to the provision Section 17 of decree 114 of the 1999 constitution, I was directed to inform you that your payment verification and confirmations is OK,
I write to inform you that we have finished up the process of your ATM VISA CARD, and every arrangements has perfectly concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible, so you don't have to send any more money for that because the delivery charges and other necessary document has been taking care by the Uba Bank authority as instructed,
However, it is our pleasure to inform you that  your ATM Card Number; (4577-9315-0604-4966 ) has been approved and upgraded in your favor. Meanwhile, your Secret Pin Number is 6352. The ATM Card Value is $2.5 Million USD. You are advised that a maximum withdrawal value of US$5,000.00 is permitted daily. And we are duly inter-switched and you can make withdrawal in any location of the ATM Center of your choice/nearest to you.
But before you will receive your ATM CARD we have to activate it, so that when you receive it you will start withdrawing your money, to activate the ATM CARD will cost you only $100.00 Only  and you will receive your CARD and start withdrawing your money, i will give you the information to send the money as soon as you request for the information OK.
Please reconfirm to us your home address  to avoid any wrong deliver such as:-

Your Full Receiver’s name:_____________
Your Home address:_____________
Your Direct Phone Number::________________
Your Passport attached or your drive license:________________
Contact us immediately to below (paymentcentre.atmcard91@yahoo.com) to receive your ATM VISA CARD worth $2.5 million Dollars, Remember that only payment you are required to send is only the activation fee $100.00 to activate your ATM VISA CARD with the pin code.
Dr.Henry Cosh 
Tel Phone +229 684-776-64

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Secret Shopper Scam

There is a legit company called Secret Shopper. However, there are scammers sending out emails pretending to be this company. The real secret shopper company has even posted a warning about this on their website secretshopper.com. This is one of those things where they send you a fake check and you are to deposit it and then take money out and wire it to them. You will be able to get the money from the check because by law the banks must make funds available to you within a few days and it takes a couple of weeks for a check to clear. By the time they find out the check is fake the scammer is long gone with your money and now you owe your bank money.

Here is what this email looks like. As you can see there are several errors throughout the email. They even call themselves Goodrich Direct in the beginning.

An exciting opportunity now exists to join Goodrich Direct. We are searching for enthusiastic Mystery shopper/Survey Agent in
your area. Earn 200 Dollars per venture and 3000 Dollars per month.It wont affect your current
job and you wont spend a cent from your pocket.

Its fun and rewarding, and you choose when and where you want to shop.

You will write a report about the customer services , you
will send your report back to us via Email, you will have to use the
following pointers to prepare your report :

- Assessment and advice on customer care.
- Store layout and ease of selection.
- Depth of selection.
- Customer care programme and service audits.
- Staff appearance.
- Staffs approach
- Staff knowledge of product.
- General Service level.
- Store cleanliness.
- Cash and wrap area appearance.
- Exit polls.
- Telephone surveys, and market research projects undertaken

  We are hiring Mystery shopper/Survey Agent in
  your area.Earn $200 per venture and $3000 per month.It wont affect your current
  job and you wont spend a cent from your pocket.

  You will be evaluating Macys, Restaurants, Wal-Mart Stores Services in
  your neighborhood.

Secret shopping as seen on ABC NEWS, NBC NEWS, L.A.TIMES,BBC NEWS And CNN.

  Kindly fill out the application form below and email
  And we will get back to you
  shortly with the assignment and more details:

  * First Name:
  * Middle Name:
  * Last Name:
  * Street Address:
  * City:
  * State:
  * Zip Code:
  * Mobile Phone Number:
  * Home Phone Number :

There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need previous experience.
  After you sign up, you will have access to training materials via e-mail, fax or postal mail.

Secret Shopper®
is the premier mystery shopping company, serving clients across America,United Kingdom and Canada
With over 500,000 shoppers available and ready to help businesses better serve their customers.

  Waiting for your reply.

  Best Regards,

Riley Foy
  Consultant / HR Manager
  Shopper IncR. Communications & Human Resources


This is an example of a 419 scam email. This involves a person making up some story about you getting all kinds of money. Then the scammer will ask you to pay a fee first. This can be anywhere from $100-$20,000+. Whatever they can take you for they will. This one says $95 but the scammers will try to take you for much more by making up stories about you getting even more money as long as you pay a bigger fee. You will never see this large sum of money they are promising no matter how much you pay them.

U.S. Customs And Border Protection
Office of Border Patrol
Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C.
From The Desk of: Michael J. Fisher
Chief of the Border Patrol
Web Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_J._Fisher

Dear Beneficiary,


This message is from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol/ Monitoring Unit. I am pleased to inform you that your ATM Card worth Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$10.5m) sent from Nigeria as part of your overdue payment/funds was returned to our office last week from Atlanta, Georgia where it was held due to one unavailable document. According to information reaching us, the ATM Card was returned due to your failure to pay the necessary charges required by the delivery company to enable it pass through the security agency.

However, after due investigation was made,  we noticed that your ATM Card was stopped and delay unnecessarily. Georgia office told us that your ATM Card has no INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT, that was why you are told to pay sum amount of money which you did not pay. But after further investigation, it was very clear that your ATM Card has the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT (IDP) attached to it therefore you are no longer required to pay the money you were asked to pay. Now the only money you are required to pay is $95 only billed for CUSTOMS AND BORDER CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to clear your file and receive your ATM Card devoid further hindrance. Note that they will process the NIGERIA CUSTOMS AND BORDER CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and send it to us as soon as you send the money to them.

Get back to me with your full name, preferred delivery address and direct/cell phone number then I will direct you where to send the $95 so that your ATM Card will be delivered to your preferred address without any delay. If you're still have interest in receiving your ATM Card, kindly get back to me.

You can also contact me

Best Regards,

Michael J. Fisher
Chief of the Border Patrol

Thursday, November 13, 2014

United States Marine Corps- 419 Scam

Dear Associate,

How are you doing my friend, great I guess! Now I know this mail will definitely come to you as a huge surprise, but please kindly take your time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will probably go a long way to determine my future and continued existence. First, let me introduce myself. I am Capt. David Michael, assigned to 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force in Syria. I am desperately in need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you. I am presently in Syria and I found your contact particulars in an address journal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $10,570,000 (Ten million Five Hundred and Seventy Thousand USD) to the States or any safe country; as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved.

SOURCE OF MONEY: Some money in various currencies was discovered and concealed in barrels with piles of weapons and ammunition at a location near one of President Assad’s old Presidential Palaces during a rescue operation and it was agreed by all party present that the money be shared amongst us. This might appear as an illegal thing to do but I tell you what? No compensation can make up for the risks we have taken with our lives in this hellhole. The above figure was given to me as my share and to conceal this kind of money became a problem for me, so with the help of a German contact working with the UN here (his office enjoys some immunity) I was able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot. He does not know the real contents of the package as he believes that it belongs to an American who died in an air raid, before giving up trusted me to hand over the package to his close relative. I have now found a secured way of getting the package out!
of Syria for you to pick up.

I do not know for how long I will remain here, as I have been lucky to survive two suicide bomb attacks by Pure Divine intervention. This and other reasons put into consideration have prompted me to reach out for help. If it might be of interest to you then Endeavor to contact me and we would work out the necessary formalities but I pray that you are discreet about this mutually benefiting relationship.

For more details please contact me via my private box: capt.davidmichael02@y7mail.com

Capt.David Michael
United States Marine Corps. SYRIA

419 Scam

Date: 08: 11: 2014


Re: Hello  My  Dear


My name are  Ms.Shina Haidara Fanny, The daughter of  Late Mr   Fanny  Bangoura. My late father want to Buarke, A Northern city to negotiate for the purchase of a cocoa plantation when he was shot by the rebel troupes fighting to take over the Government of the country.The death of my father has now made me an orphan and thereby exposing me to danger. Before his unfortunate death, my late father  called me   and told me as his only surviving Child, that he had deposited in one of the BANKS the sum of $ 10.5 (TEN MILLION,FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND USA DOLLARS). with my name a s the next of kin.  I am the only daughter of my father Mr   Fanny  Bangoura. I lost my mother when I  still a babe,  My father refused to re-marry another wife   because he felt solely responsible for my mother's death.


This is so because he concentrated much on his businesses that he rarely   pays   attention to domestic affairs. He was always traveling taking care of   his businesses and political meeting that he did not notice when my mother took ill. He thought it was a minor illness and was ignorant of this. My mother on her own resorted   to self-medication. It was not until the illness degenerated that my father   took my mother to hospital where she was diagnosed to find out that  hepatitis had eaten deep into her blood stream. She didn't last long before she died. This happened when I was barely a year old. Based on this, my father  could not forgive  himself easily because of it and said he was responsible   for her death as he could have saved her if only he had paid attention to the things at home rather than concentrating much on his politice.  Despite all entreaties by friends and relatives, he ref used to remarry but   e


Unfortunately, he died when i was up to the age. This is why I   have contacted you to serve as a guardian to me and as my foreign partner    for the transfer and investment of the fund overseas. My uncles does not   know about the fund because they had already taken my father's houses and   other properties because I am a girl and they said I do not have rights for any   property. They have requested to have my father's bank papers but I simply told them that I do not know where he kept them. The younger brother took   the house in the house in the village. I had at various times had discussions with the director of international remittance unit of the   Bank where my father deposited the funds and I was   assured that once, I have someone who would be willing to receive the funds on   my behalf, they shall

commence all proceedings to effect the release and transfer of the deposit to the person's.


I wait for your urgent respond to my email


Shina Haidara Fanny

419 Scam


Attn :Beneficiary ,

How are you today?  I am Dr. David Mark the Senate President of  Nigeria, I am  delighted to inform you  that this panel which just  concluded it's seating today  in Abuja just released your name among   beneficiaries that has not received  their payment  and this time it  will be paid to you via  Diplomatic Courier serves.
Did you authorize one Mr. David Williams? Who presented document of claim purported to have signed by you for the release of your  part-payment of US$18.5 million only?  Please reconfirm back to me to avoid any irregularities as your payment is now ready to be transferred (based on urgent instructions received this morning from the presidency office.). Based on that you have been advised not to  respond to any mail or fax concerning your fund from  anybody who  claim to be your agent as your Transfer  will be ready at the soonest  time to be delivered  immediately by the authority  of this office.

Kindly re-confirm to me the followings:

  1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3) Company name, position and address.
4) Profession, age and marital status

With regards to your fund you are advised to follow-up instructions  only from This office the above is your payment number  (CBN/IRD/CGX/NNPC/021/2014) any mail or faxes with out  your payment  numbers. .
I am waiting to hear from you as urgency required

Best regards
Dr. David Mark
Senate President of Nigeria
Tell:+234 7030518500

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This email was sent from matthewj.zimmerman@yahoo.com. The email contained a zip file which I did not open.

I am writing to inform you that your transfer has been made on Today via western union and i have attached your western union transfer scan slip to this email and it will be available in a minute from now. reference number is 748-852-7779

check the scan slip for other details.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Need a few extra bucks?

Are you looking to make a few extra bucks online in your spare time whenever you want? There is a website that pays you to take surveys, click ads, do small internet tasks, and more. This website is called Clixsense.

Clixsense has been around since 2007 and they are a Get Paid To (GPT) and Paid To Click (PTC) website. You earn money for every time complete a survey, view an ad, complete an internet task, and other things. The amount you make depends on the assignment. This is not designed to be liveable income. However it is a good source of extra income.

You are paid 2 times a week on Mondays and Fridays via PayPal. You are not required to pay them or enter a credit card number. I have made about $300 with them as of writing this. I have been paid every time without any hassle. You can get a PayPal debit card so you can have access to your money right away.

This is the best GPT and PTC site around. They pay well compared to other sites and they pay often. Some sites pay you once a month and a lot of us can't wait that long. To sign up go to Clixsense.com.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Are work at home jobs the next boiler rooms?

Years ago call center work was done from an office building. Most call center were legit providing a useful service. There were some however that was hard selling people into buying a product or service that was useless or did not exist. You would find companies like this on free job boards such as Craigslist or Backpage. The smarter one would advertise on paid services such as Monster.com to make themselves look legit.

When the economy crashed and technology got better businesses started hiring people to work from home. People would log onto a dialer system and make and take calls from their house. Companies could use these dialer systems to keep track of their workers. They could see when they were logged on and on and off a call. This way no one could lie and say they were working when they weren't.

This also gave the chance for smaller companies without the overhead to afford rent at a building to start up. They place ads online looking for people to work from home. A lot of the time the owners of the companies even work from their houses. This also gives the companies a chance to scam both their workers and customers much easier. I can't tell you how many times these work at home companies turn out to be scams. Not only do they provide a useless service but they don't pay their workers for selling this useless service.

The term Boiler Room is a call center that engages in shady activities. Well this time they have access to people all over the world to make these calls. They aren't just calling from one place anymore. This makes it harder for these companies do be shut down. Then when the companies bad reputation gets out the owners simply change the name. Make sure you do your research before dealing with a company you have not heard of.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

No Victim, No Crime

I am sick and tired of paying taxes to fuel this drug war that the US has going on. The amount of money going out to the DEA is insane. We are able to fund this one useless government agency more then a domestic violence division. This is much more important because their are victims involved in domestic violence or any violence cases. Busting a rapiest or a murder is much more important then a person with a bag of drugs.

Authorities are here to protect us from other people not ourselves. Let us put what we want in our bodies. Treat drugs as a public health issue and not a criminal one. Once we legalize drugs it will take away all the gang violence over drug territories. People will be able to go into the store and safely purchase these products instead of meeting up with some shady person in a back alley.

Put an age restriction on them like tobacco and alcohol. Drug dealers don't ask for ID but legally run facilities will. This is going to prevent minors from getting their hands on this stuff. Make needles available to people and have safe places to throw them away. This will cause spreading of disease to decrease and our grounds a safer place. As it is right now our back alleys have needles all over the place.

Let's put an end to this useless drug war and tell the authorities to focus on real crimes with real victims. Not this protecting from ourselves junk. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

419 Scam

Good day to you,
Please forgive me because I'm not internet savvy and  I am a widow to a late oil & Gas merchant and now diagnosed with cancer , The doctors said I have a few months to live, I want you to help me distribute sum of  $65 Million Dollars (Sixty five Million United State Dollars)  to charity organization in your country . Please reply me if you can help me distribute my funds and I am willing to give you 10% for your time and effort. Email me at my email address.  mrsgracealfred@aol.com
Mrs. Grace Alfred

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips on working 3rd shift

I work the 3rd as a security guard. If you have recently gotten a job working 3rd shift it will take some getting used to. Some people can get used to if right away and others it takes awhile. There's even a few people that will never be able to get used to it so they change shifts. Here are some tips on working the 3rd shift.

1. Make sure you get a full 8-9 hour sleep during the day. This may be difficult since the sun is up. Get some shades that will block the sun. This way you have a dark room to sleep in and you will sleep better.

2. During your shift limit your caffeine intake. You don't want to drink caffeine when your shift is almost over, you won't be able to sleep. Try drinking water throughout your shift. Its amazing at how much energy water gives you when your trying to stay awake.

3. Stay away from junk foods. Eating these will give you an energy burst and then you will crash a couple hours later. Try eating fruit as this will give you energy and no crash later. Make sure you eat enough as well.

4. Put your phone on silent. Don't let your friends who don't listen or telemarketers wake you up. Your friends and family should know that this is your time to sleep.

5. I recommend using a sunlamp especially in the fall and winter months
You will get very little sunlight and your body needs that for energy. Try a sunlamp 45 minutes a day. You can get them from amazon.com.

I hope you find these tips useful. Happy night shift!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Moto G is an EXCELLENT phone!

I am a fan of prepaid service instead of getting a contract when it comes to cell phones. This means the phones are more expensive. I did not have $300+ to spend on a phone so I got the Moto G.

The Moto G is an Android based smart phone that is very inexpensive but has all the features of a phone costing a couple hundred. I paid $50 for mine through US Cellular and it was worth every penny. This phone has made it so I hardly ever need to use a computer. Which is good cause my laptop is out of service right now. I can download and stream music, surf the web, extract files, type up documents, print, make calls, and much more.

The phone comes with 8gb of storage but you can get a micro SD card up to 32gb. That way you will always have enough space. You also have access to Google Drive and Google Music which is stored via the cloud. Its amazing at how much little you need to store nowadays.

There is literally an app for everything. Many of these are free via the play store that comes on your phone. You can even print from this phone. I would highly recommend this phone for anyone who is looking for a great quality cheap smart phone.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

419 Scam

It has been a while since I posted a 419 scam email that I received. Here is one sent from ccbngodwin@yahoo.co.jp.

From The Active Office Of The CBN

Governor, Godwin Ifeanyi Emefiele.

Official Phone: +234-8141148313




Did you authorized/send Mrs. Erica White to claim your payment?

Please get back to me immediately so that we can know the next

line of action to follow.




Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele

NEW CBN Executive Governor.

Phone: +2348141148313.

Phone: 0112348141148313.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Does selling for Kirby vacuums ever work out?

I am sure if you have went through Craigslist looking for jobs you have came across an ad offering $525 a week or somewhere around that. The job description is very vague but states that its a customer service position. Sometimes the ad will say showing new and previous customers our product line.
All of these ads are selling for Kirby vacuums. Kirby will give just about anyone a try at sales but how many people actually succeed at this job? Not very many.

The sales industry is difficult. There is a high turnover so you will notice that they are always hiring. Most people are not cut out for it. The ones who are can make a great living. Kirby is a great well known product so the reputation helps the sale. However, they are very expensive and a lot of people just can't afford it.

Working for Kirby means going out in the field 6 days a week. You will work long hours going door to door or going on preset appointments. Each Kirby office that hires is an independent dealer and some will go door to door and others will have telemarketers preset appointments. I think most of them are doing preset appointments now.

The $525 a week that they offer as a base salary depends on the amount of appointments you get. You need to go on 15 appointments to get the base pay. From what I have heard it is very difficult to get 15 appointments in a week. The pay is per sale only if you don't get 15 appointments. So there is a chance that you can work all week and not make any money. So if you want to get into sales and market a good quality product and don't mind working on commission then this could be a great fit for you. If you want to work an hourly or salary wage position then sales is not for you.

Companies that expect a lot of work for paying minimum wage

I find it hilarious when I hear managers at fast food restaurants, retail stores, and where ever else they pay minimum wage complaining about not being able to find reliable employees. Minimum wage here in NH is federal so its $7.25 an hour. When someone is working 40 hours a week at that they need to go out and either work another job after their shift ends or panhandle for extra money. The amount you will make at McDonalds will pay for an apartment and your electric if your lucky. Feeding yourself and paying for gas and other bills you will need to find another source for that money.

When a company pays people minimum wage they need to expect people to not be reliable and to be there today gone tomorrow. If they get another job offer at more pay there's a good chance that you won't be getting a 2 weeks notice if the job is available immediately. People need to make more money then minimum wage not for things that they want but for things that they need. I also think its shameful to pay adults who need this pay to live $7.25 an hour.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Smug collection agencies

In a world where jobs are not as plentiful as they once were comes bills that cannot be paid. Companies that are owed money often send these balances over to a collection agency. They then contact the person or company who owes the money and tries to set up payment arrangements or balance in full. Many collection agencies follow the fair debt collection practices act FDCPA but there are those few that do not follow the laws and become very aggressive.

Payday loan collection agencies seem to be notorious for breaking the law. I think it's because payday loans are very cheap to buy (pennies on the dollar) and anyone can buy them. They then are free to do what they want and they keep whatever they can collect. The "companies" that purchase this old payday loan debt, are often not legit. They will call people up pretending to be lawyers or law enforcement saying that they have committed a crime and they will be taken to jail if they don't pay. 

Some say that you have a pending lawsuit against you. All of this is garbage. If there really was a lawsuit against you you would have a process server or sheriff come to your door and give you papers. No one is going to call you ahead of time to let you know your going to be sued. I am still waiting for legal papers after a supposed legal document company called me and said they would be at my house or work tomorrow which was over 2 months ago. You have to remember not to get nervous. These people are jokes so just laugh about it. 

Legit collection agencies often collect on a contingency basis for their clients instead of purchasing the debt. These are often fresh accounts that have a good chance of being recovered. When you purchase debt it is often pretty old and you find that some of the debtors either went bankrupt, have already paid this debt, or are no longer living at the address and phone number provided. Skip tracing is involved and the debts have a much less chance of being recovered. 

There are legit collection agencies that do purchase debt because they can keep whatever they recover. Companies that you can purchase debt from usually don't check the person out who is buying it so this makes it much easier for companies that are not legit to purchase them.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ways to supplement your disability payment

Millions of people in the US have a disability and are not able to work. This could be because of a physical or mental impairment. It not only is frustrating when you can't work but it is also a big strain on your wallet because disability payments do not pay much. After your monthly disability payment comes in you need to pay your big monthly bills such as your rent and utilities. A lot of the times this leaves you with very little money for food, gas, and medications.

Most people on disability need to make a few extra dollars every month to supplement their disability payment. The best way to do this is to do do some jobs online so you don't need to leave your home and its flexible so you can work whenever you want. This work does not pay much at all but it will be able to sustain you so you will have money for things you need. The 2 opportunities I am going to tell you about allow you to work whenever you want for however long you want.

The first company I want to tell you about is Humanatic. This is an opportunity where you listen to recorded phone calls and mark off if it meets certain criteria. The criteria for the call depends on the category you are in. The pay is per call and which varies depending on the category and the amount of calls waiting to be reviewed. This site is getting more and more calls everyday. They work with companies in all 3 timezones so calls are available to review most of the time. Sundays will usually be slow. You are paid once a week via PayPal on either Monday or Tuesday. To sign up visit Humanatic.com and put derekgray85@live.com as the referral.

The second company is ClixSense. ClixSense is a get paid to website that pays you to do various things such as take surveys, do small internet tasks, watch videos, and more. You can work on this website anytime of the day 24/7. You are paid out via PayPal every Monday and Friday. You are paid per task. You are also paid a percentage of what your referrals earn. To sign up visit ClixSense.com.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Greetings (419 Scam)

The reply to email is wendyschwartz0011@yahoo.co.jp. 

My Name is Capt. Wendy Schwartz i am a member of the U.S ARMY USARPAC medical team, which was deployed to Iraq at the
beginning of the war in Iraq. But you and i know that the war has ended, But am still in Iraq because i have some
funds in a consignment deposited with a security company,for me to proved this to you, see the site below for more
I got your contact from an International League Equality & Diversity directory from your country who told me how reliable you are and am contacting you base
on that and i do hope you are going to give me your trust in carrying out this project which will be of benefit for both
of us, i will give you 40% of the Total sum as your share after the transaction has been completed.
I will need you to assist me to received This funds in a consignment.
I will give you more details as soon as i hear from you.
Capt. Wendy Schwartz.

OMG an email from the FBI! (419 Scam)

Here was a very unsuccessful attempt to get me to contact a scammer or else I will be arrested. They will then ask me for a fee to transfer this money into my account. Email showed it was sent from erickbolt@ic.fbi.gov but the reply to is erick.70.bolt@gmail.com probably because they don't have access to a real FBI account.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
                                  Field Intelligence Groups J. Edgar Hoover Building
                                    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.
Attention: Beneficiary,
I am Special Agent Erick Bolt from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Intelligence Groups (FIGs). We intercepted two consignment boxes at JFK Airport, New York. The boxes were scanned but found out that it contained large sum of money ($4.1 million) and also some backup documents which bears your name as the Beneficiary/Receiver of the money. Investigation was carried out on the diplomat that accompanied the boxes into the United States. Said that he was to deliver the fund to your residence as overdue payment owed to you by the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the security company in United Kingdom.
We cross check all legal documents in the boxes but we found out that your consignment was lacking an important document and we cannot release the boxes to the diplomat until the document is found, we have no other option than to confiscate your consignment.
According to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in Title 26 also contain reporting requirement on a Form 8300, Report of Cash Payment Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business, money laundering activity may violate 18 USC §1956, 18 USC 1957, 18 USC 1960, and provision of Title 31, and 26 USC 6050I of the United States Code (USC), this section will discuss only those money laundering and currency violation under the jurisdiction of IRS, your consignment lacks proof of ownership certificate from the joint team of IRS and IRC, therefore you need to reply back immediately for direction on how to procure this certificate to enable us relieved the charge of evading the law on you, which is a punishable offense in the United States.
You are required to reply back within 72hours or you will be prosecuted in a court of law for money laundering, also you are instructed to desist from further contact with any bank(s) or person(s) in Nigeria or the United Kingdom or any part of the world regarding your payment because your consignment has been confiscated by the Federal Bureau here in the United States.
Yours In Service,
Agent Erick Bolt
Regional Deputy Director
Field Intelligence Groups (FIGs)


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bullshit minimum wage jobs

In the great state of New Hampshire our minimum wage goes by the federal law which is $7.25. That is not enough to live on working 40 hours a week. Its amazing at how many companies actually pay this wage and expect their workers to go beyond the call of duty. If your paying me minimum wage all your going to get me to do is show up. I am not going to do anything extra nor am I going to take pride in my work if companies are going to pay so low.

I can understand paying a high school student that low because all that money is just disposible income. They are not paying rent, food, utilities, etc. All they are doing with that money is spending it on toys. When you have people working at a company that pays minimum wage that needs to support a family or even just themselves its a disgrace to pay that low. You either need to have another job or you'll have to go panhandle after work just to meet your bare necessities. I have seen a guy in his McDonalds uniform sitting on the street asking for money. Its pretty fucking sad.

My advice to all the companies that pay minimum wage is to go fuck yourselves. Why don't you CEO's try and live on what you are paying your employees and then you can see for yourself if its fair or not. The people who you are paying minimum wage to are the ones that are helping your company stay afloat. You won't get respect nor will you get quality work at the rate you pay.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fake job offer

I got this fake job offer from robertalberto95@cantv.net. This type of scam involves sending money from your account to someone else and you keep a certain percentage of it for your fee. Once the financial institutions realize that this is a fraudulent transaction you will be responsible for repaying it. 

Living Earth Foundation is a foundation sponsored by GOOGLE INC, dealing with environmental wildlife problems worldwide and assisting the less privilege, we are based in England, United Kingdom

We currently have an opening for part or full time employees for our ever-growing Accounts Receivable Department in United States and Canada.

If this sounds like you, please read on, And consider becoming part of our company family.

The position of Accounts Receivable officer entails the following duties:

1. A volunteer will credit the your Google wallet account with a donation for the less privilege and you will be notified were to send the money to while you are entitled to 10% of every money credited into your Google wallet ATM debit card once you activate it.
2. Forward 90 percent of funds received to one of our branches and keep the remaining 10 percent
as your wage

Our payment mode will be on commission and salary basis, for every funds credited into your Google wallet ATM debit card from clients, you're entitled to 10% of the total which excludes the cost of processing to any of our regional office Accountant and also $1000 salary will come at every month end.


Interested applicants should reply with
Full name:
Full address: (p.o.box not accepted)
State, zip code:
Your GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS( If you do not have please create one immediately and send):

Kindly email the above requested information. Once received, one of our Human Resource Manager will contact you through email stating the status of your application

Please specify the best way to contact you in your reply.

Robert Alberto
Director, Human Resources
Living Earth Foundation UK.

Monday, June 2, 2014

New Message Notification (phishing email)

I got this email pretending to be from USAA which is in the financial service industry. This is a typical phishing email. I would call this one more believable since it has correct grammar. 

Dear Valued Member,

We were unable to verify your billing information. Did you recently change your bank, phone number or credit card?

To ensure that your service is not interrupted, please update your billing information today by clicking here

Link Removed

After a few clicks, just verify the information you entered is correct. !

 USAA Financial Services Team 

P.S. The link in this message will be expire within 24 Hours . You have to update your payment information


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Work/Life Balance

I have always stressed that it is very important to have time to enjoy your life. You can not spend all of your time working. If you do that then you are going to burn yourself out and it may put a strain on your relationships. Your identity should not be only work. It needs to be other things like hobbies, family, vacations, time with friends, etc. 

This is why I cannot continue to list and research work at home opportunities. I got a part time job outside of the house. I decided that it was time to focus on other things. I will still be posting information on scams and other topics that I am interested in. I just find that researching work at home companies is something that I treat as a job and I don't want another job. 

If you want legit work at home opportunities you can visit www.workplacelikehome.com or www.wahm.com. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

USA LOAN (419 Scam)

I am Mr George E. Smith Executive director in the USA in California, We offer Legitimate Loans without collateral at the low interest rate of 2% with maximum guarantee and assurance.If you are in need of a loan, We will like you to let Us
know how much you need as loan in your next email so that i can provide you Our loan conditions for the swift processing of your application immediately.You can apply and get your loan same day if you are in the States,We await you,it is
cheaper and convenient for you..One America One Love.

(1) Name:
(2) Address
(3) Sex & Age:
(4) Amount Needed
(5) Loan Duration:
(6) Monthly Income
(7) Valid Telephone/Fax
(8) Purpose of seeking Loan:
(9) Profession:

Please send your details to: carrington11th@gmail.com

Best Regards,
Mr.George E. Smith

Access Violated (Fake Wells Fargo Email)

This is a phishing email sent from someone pretending to be Wells Fargo Bank. The email contained a link that looked like it was legit but it really takes you to another site that has nothing to do with the bank. Once you fill out your information these thieves will drain your bank account. The email came from service@wf.com.
Dear Customer,
We have recently determined that different computers have logged onto your Online Banking account, and multiple password failures were present before the login. It is now necessary to re-confirm your account information to us.

If this is not completed by May 26 2014, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
To confirm your Online Banking records click on the following link:
 Link Removed 
 Thank you for your patience in this matter.
Wells Fargo Online & Co. Security Center
2014 Wells Fargo Online & Co. All Rights Reserved

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 2014 Current Recommended Work at Home Opportunities

So I have been getting a lot of people asking me for some current work at home opportunities that I recommend. Since I no longer run TwoThousandMonthly.com (it now appears to be a Japanese dating site). I have decided that I am going to do a monthly list of work at home opportunities. For this month I am going to focus on companies that are looking for Independent Contractor 1099 workers to start immediately. With IC positions you have flexibility on when you work. Most IC positions pay you either per job or commission based.

Humanatic: This company is looking for call reviewers to work from home. You can work anytime day or night and most of the time they have a steady stream of calls. You are paid per call you review which is a recording. You are not taking any calls or reviewing any live calls, these are all recordings. The pay depends on the call category you are reviewing. It is usually anywhere from .01-.04 per call which usually lasts about 30-60 seconds. You are paid weekly via PayPal with a $10 minimum cashout. Pay comes in either Mondays or Tuesdays. If you are interested in signing up visit www.humanatic.com and put derekgray85@live.com as the person who referred you.

MTurk: This company is looking for at home workers to do various tasks for different companies. Pay is per task and tasks vary greatly due to length and difficulty tasks range from $.01-$10.00+. You can request a payment at anytime as long as you have $1.00 or more. Payment can be issued either via direct deposit or an Amazon instant gift card. Direct deposit takes 5-7 business days. There are several tasks that you can do in MTurk like locating business information, transcription, data entry, etc. To sign up for MTurk visit www.mturk.com.

ClixSense and CashCrate: There are several GPT sites out there that pay people to take surveys, complete offers, do internet tasks, etc. However, ClixSense and CashCrate are the only ones that I will recommend. The pay is good for the offers and surveys and they pay on time everytime. ClixSense pays on Mondays and Fridays via PayPal. You need to have a minimum of $8 to cashout. They also offer a referral program that pays you a percentage of the amount your referrals earn. CashCrate pays out every month and you need to get a minimum of $20 to do so. It depends on what level you are at on how you are paid by CashCrate. At first you will be paid via check or Dwolla. Then as you move up you get the option to be paid out via PayPal or direct deposit. You also earn more on your referrals. To sign up for CashCrate go to www.cashcrate.com and to sign up for ClixSense go to www.clixsense.com.

AIC Leads: For all of you who enjoy working from home to make a liveable income by telemarketing this opportunity is for you. They are looking for people to start immediately working from home by logging into their dialer system making outbound calls to people who expressed interest in receiving an insurance quote. Your job is to simply generate the lead by asking them a few questions and seeing if they are interested in receiving a call from an insurance agent. You are not taking any personal information or asking for any money. The pay for this position depends on the amount of leads you generate. They are looking for people to work a minimum of 20 hours a week. All you need is a reliable computer, high speed internet, and a USB headset. You can choose your own hours Monday-Friday. If you are interested in this position and want to learn more contact angie@aicleads.com or lysa@aicleads.com.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Make great extra cash with CashCrates referral program!

CashCrate is a GPT site that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and more. Another way to make money with them is by referring others. CashCrate has referral levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. You start off at Bronze and move up depending on how many referrals you have. For each level there are new advantages each time.

For Bronze you get paid on the 15th of each month via check. You need to reach $20 to receive payment for any level. You will get 20% of your referral earnings and 10% of their referrals earnings. You also receive a $3.00 bonus once your referral earns $10. Once you get to Silver which takes 50 active referrals you are able to get paid on the 1st of the month via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check. You get 25% of your referral earnings and 10% of their referrals earnings. You also can choose to get $1 every time a new referral completes their first offer instead of waiting for them to complete $10 in offers. This alone makes your referral income go up considerably. Once you get 150 active referrals you will go up to Gold. Gold pays you 25% of your referrals earnings and 15% of their referrals earnings. When you reach 300 active referrals you to go Platinum which is 30% of your referrals earnings and 15% of their referrals earnings. When you get 500 active referrals that's when you move up to the highest level Elite. Elite pays you 30% of your referrals earnings and 20% of their referrals earnings. Weekly pay also becomes available at this level.

Referrals add up quickly. You can tell your friends about CashCrate and get people to sign up that way. You can also post about CashCrate on your blog, website, etc. People love to sign up for something that is free and doesn't require any credit card info. To get started today visit CashCrate.com.

Friday, April 18, 2014

How dare you senate of New Hampshire!

In the great state of New Hampshire 60% of the voters are for marijuana legalization. Recently the house passed a bill that would legalize possession of marijuana for adults 21+ just like Colorado and Washington. The bill was voted on a second time and the house voted against it. There was another decriminalization bill that was introduced and passed the house with support from both democrats and republicans. The senate refused to even consider the bill and sent it back to the house with no explanation!

NH is the only state in New England that still treats simple possession as a crime. All the other states give you a civil fine and send you on your way. Granted a lot of cops in NH will just take it away from you and not charge you with a small amount of marijuana they still are able to. If you can afford an attorney you are able to get it reduced to a civil violation most of the time. When you are arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana in this state and you don't plead guilty you will be sent to court and if they find you guilty you get a $350 plus a $70 "penalty" which makes it $420, pretty funny right? If you refuse to pay it you can either do community service OR you can go to jail at $50 a day. Most marijuana activists choose to go to jail to show the government that we will not tolerate their bullshit laws and pay some stupid fine. Plus, they spend more money putting them in jail.

Maggie Hassan the governor of NH decided to go against what the majority of the state wants. Both democrats and republicans do not approve of her. Hopefully we can get her out of office when she is up for reelection in November. The people in office right now seem to not care about what the state wants and go with what they personally want. They are not doing their job and all of them should be fired!

On the positive note its is almost 4/20 everyone! We all need to light up and show the government that we will not tolerate their bullshit laws. I love how it is on Easter Sunday this year. Happy smoking!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Humanatic Needs Bilingual Reviewers ASAP

I just got a message from Humanatic that they are looking for call reviewers who speak both English and Spanish to start ASAP. For those of you who have not read my previous blog posts about Humanatic it is a work at home opportunity where you review recorded calls. You do not speak to anyone. All you are doing is determining if calls meet certain criteria. You can do this whenever you want for however long you want.

This is an independent contractor gig so if you make $600+ you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. You are responsible for your own taxes. You are paid per call which is anywhere from $.01-$.04 a call. The amount each call is worth depends on the demand for reviewers for each category. This is a great opportunity to make some extra money from home. All you need is an active ver PayPal account, be 18+, and have internet access.

If you are interested in applying for a position with Humanatic visit http://bit.ly/1pJKcvs and put email address derekgray85@live.com as the person who referred you.


This is one of the very disorganized 419 scam emails. Most people will not fall for an email looking like this. However, I decided to post this to bring attention to it.

(WESTERN UNION HEAD OFFICE PLC) has finalize all the necessary arrangement and
your fund ($4.8USD)has been approve by the border directors of
Citibank,you will be receiving $5000 per day. Furthermore our attorney will
to the inland revenue tax office to obtain a letter of administration tax
clearance approval on your behalf from high Court. The most important
requirement that we need fro you is your full current information well noted
and understood.
Your name___
Your country__
Your address___
You’re Age/sex__
Your occupation Direct phone number__
Your home phone number__

MTCN:(7276300553) SENDERS
Contact email: wntransfer@outlook.com {+22968554501}


Urgent court notice (virus email)

I recently received an email that contained a zip file called Notice_of_appearance_SN6673.zip. When I opened this zip file it contained an exe file that is clearly a virus. Do not open this and do not be scammed by this email. It was sent from custservice9118@iphonelawyers.com.

Notice to appear in court,

Hereby you are notified that you have been scheduled
to appear for your hearing that will take place
in the court of Washington in June 04, 2014 at 10:30 am.

Please bring all documents and witnesses relating
to this case with you to court on your hearing date.

Please, download the copy of the court notice
attached herewith to read the details.
Note: If you do not attend the hearing
the judge may hear the case in your absence.

Yours truly,
Clerk to the Court.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DEAD OR ALIVE- 419 scam

This is a different approach I have seen to get you to send money. Of course its nothing but a bunch of BS. Reply to address is mr.adrian_oldman1@yahoo.co.uk.

In the course of our General Auditing and Account revision of the Bank,  we discovered that the Bank Accounts belonging to some Benefactors have been changed on the basis that the owners have died some time last year or have given out an authorization note of data change.
After the investigation however, it was revealed that there are Foreigners who are collaborating with Staffs to make these changes illegally without the knowledge of the Bonafide Benefactors and one traced to your own change is this Mr. Heinz-Kurt Weltner who said you gave him the power of attorney to stand in on your behalf, hence he have forwarded some documents of Sworn Affidavit of change for the divert your fund to his bank account below.
Here is the new account he submitted for the payment.
      Account Name:  Heinz-Kurt Weltner
      Bank address: SENSER PLATZ 2
      Tele: 49 (0)7621 1790
      Fax: 49 (0) 7621 179272
      Swift Bic: HVBKKRSE
      Telex: 24611
      Account Number: 529-382233-42-004
But we wanted to confirm if actually this is true and hence decided to write to your email address which after four (4) days from now and there is no response, we will then know that you are that authorise him for the claim of the fund.
If proved otherwise by you that you did not authorize him, please forward to us all the related Benefactors particulars including your Telephone number,contact address.These details from you will help to assist us reach a conclusion in contrary to his submitted power of attorney.Anything contrary to this claim will help us charge this man to court and prosecute him while your fund will be paid to you immediately without any further delay.
You have to get back to us on time for us to commence legal proceedings against Mr. Heinz-Kurt Weltner and his accomplices.
Yours sincerely
Mr. Adrian Oldman
Unity Trust Bank Plc
London Uk
Tel: 00 44 7042033639

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Work at home review- CashCrate

CashCrate is a great place to earn some extra money from home. CashCrate is a GPT site that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, refer others, and more. There is no fee to sign up and no credit card is required. The thing that I like about CashCrate is that they are one of the best paying GPT sites around. They also have a great referral program where you can earn a good chunk of change just by telling others about it. The more you refer the more money you will make.

When you first sign up for CashCrate they pay you out once a month either via check or Dwolla. After you refer a certain number of people you will be able to get paid weekly via direct deposit or PayPal. CashCrate pays on time every time since 2006 when they started. I have been with them for over 2 years.

If you are 13 or older and live in the US I highly recommend signing up for them and start earning immediately. You can sign up if you are in another country but I have been told that certain countries they do not have many tasks that you can do. To start earning today visit CashCrate.com.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


This is a typical scam that people are using now to try and sound legit. They claim that I was a scam victim and that I am due compensation payments. It would be great if this was true but unfortunately its nothing but a bunch of BS. The email was sent from alhajijassimmohammed001@hotmail.com and the reply to address was alhajijassimmohammed2@gmail.com.

REF/PAYMENTS CODE: 06654 $900,000 USD.
This is to bring to your notice that I am delegated from the United Nations to
Central Bank to pay 48 scam victims $900,000 USD (Nine Hundred Thousand
Dollars) each. You are listed and approved for this payment as one of the
scammed victims to be paid this amount, get back to us as soon as possible for
the immediate payments of your $900,000 USD compensations funds.
On this faithful recommendations, know that during the last U.N. meetings held
at Abuja, the Capital of this Country Nigeria, it was alarmed so much by the
world in the meetings on the lose of funds by various individuals to the
Nigerian scams artists operating in syndicates all over the world today. In
other to compensate victims, the U.N Body in conjunction with the Nigerian
Government is now paying 48 victims of this operators $900,000 USD each in
accordance with the U.N. recommendations. Due to the corrupt and inefficient
Banking Systems in Nigeria, the payments are to be supervised by the United
Nation's Officials and the Central Bank Nigeria as the corresponding paying
According to the number of applicants at hand, 21 Beneficiaries has been paid,
half of the victims are from the United States, we still have more 27 left to
be paid the compensations of $900,000 USD each. Your particulars was mentioned
by one of the Syndicates who claimed to be the ATM Director CBN and from other
Banks together with other things claiming to be what they are not. You are
hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to him for any
reason what so ever as the U.S. secret service is already on trace of the
other criminals. So keep it secret till they are all apprehended. Other
victims who have not been contacted can submit their application as well for
security and possible consideration.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) (Motto: No Body is Above
the Law) have combined effort with the United Nation Anti-crime commission to
alleviate and redeem the image and past wounds of foreigners and firms who
were defrauded, scammed and abandoned by this syndicates to slight down our
dignities to international communities.
Many banks have been in bankruptcy today, Universal firms, Companies and
individuals due to the activity of these hoodlums. However, investigation have
shown that these people have dropped over 500,000 victims after collecting
their money falsely, many committed suicide and others living by the grace of God.
With the sanity presently at hand, we have over 500 convicts at hand, 300 in
Kirikri prisons while many are still awaiting trail while we still fetch for
others who feel they are wise and hope that you will be our friend by giving
us more information as per clue in apprehending them.
You can receive your compensations payments via any of this options you
I shall reply you with further modalities as soon as I hear from you.
Yours faithfully,


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Attention Owner Of The ATM CARD. (419 Scam)

Attention Owner Of The ATM CARD.

I have registered Your ATM CARD of USD2.5. with FedEx Express Courier Company with registration code of ( Shipment Code awb 33xzs). please Contact with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number:

Office:E-mail: ( fedexexpresscouriercompany226@yahoo.com )
Name of ; Mr.Paul Ralph
Office NUMBER : +22996579835

I have paid for the Insurance & Delivery fee. The only fee you have to pay is their Security fee $67 Please indicate the registration Number and ask Him how to pay their Security fee of $67 so that you can pay it immediately.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When an employer goes too far with the interview questions

It is very stressful when you are looking for a job and you should not have to make sure that a potential employer is following the law when interviewing you. Unfortunately there are many companies out there that are either unaware of questions that they can and cannot ask OR they just simply do not care. Companies are able to get away with this because people that they interview do not report them. Now one person reporting them is not going to do much aside from maybe get the company a warning from the labor board. However, several people that report the company will get them heavily fined and if it continues this can even get the company shut down.

When you are being interviewed by a company it is normal to be asked several questions about your previous work history and your previous education. However, if they start asking you questions about your health and if you have a disability that is taking it too far. You do not need to disclose any of that information and it is illegal for the company to ask you that. They can ask you if you have anything that will prevent you from working the position with or without reasonable accommodations but that is it. I once had a guy ask me who owned a company if I had any disabilities whatsoever. Then I had another company tell me to list any medications that I am taking. No matter what anyone says this is against the law.

The only time anyone is allowed to ask your about medications you use is when you are taking a drug test for the company. Most of the time they will not ask you anything unless your drug test comes up positive for something. Then a medical review officer (MRO) will ask you for a list of your medications to see if that could be causing a false positive. If you are on a medication legally and if they deny you employment because of this then the employer could be held liable. You want to check with your local labor board for laws regarding drug testing.

To be a police officer you need to take a psych eval. I think that is a good requirement for that job. You are hiring people to walk around with guns apprehending and arresting people who are breaking the law. I would not want a guy who's job is to protect the public who is mentally unstable. I cannot find whether or not the TSA requires psych evals.

If you feel like an employer has violated the law please do not hesitate to report it. Even if you are not sure whether or not they broke the law you can have your question answered. You can also look some stuff up on their website. I live in NH so I will use this link as an example http://www.nh.gov/labor. Just use Google to find your local labor board. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Serial number 66109-17 (419 scam)

Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number 9901-0148-790-691, with  serial number 66109-17.Please contact our Claims
Officer for verification purposes:
Mr.Mark Forrester
Tel: +447867272094

We're still waiting for some winners to claim their prizes.Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number 9901-0148-790-691, with serial number 66109-17.Please contact the British Gaming Board:

Mr.Mark Forrester
Email: claims0414@gmail.com
Tel: +447867272094

Congratulations! Official payment (419 scam)


We're contentedly to inform you, that you have duly won prize money of Nine Hundred and Seventy  Three Thousand British Pounds only (Ј973,000.00) for this Year 2014 Monetary Award Program which organized and officially APPROVED  by YAHOO, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, AOL and WINDOWSLIVE.

YAHOO and MICROSOFT collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Google, Aol, Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. Five people are selected to benefit from this year 2014 promotion and you are one of the Selected APPROVED Winners.

                                                  CLAIMS AND PRIZE PAYMENT!
Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center. Yahoo Prize Award must be claimed no later than 11th days, from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.
Stated are your identification numbers: BATCH NUMBER: YFMAG/03/YGA201429. REFERENCE NUMBER: 20141203YK, PIN:  0213 and WINNING NUMBER: 07 11 14 22 27 45.    
These numbers fall within the South African Location file, therefore you're requested to contact our fiduciary Agent in Johannesburg South Africa right away. and send your winning identification numbers stated above to him:


E-Mail: drhm@live.co.za 
E-Mail: dr.henrym@yahoo.co.za
TEL: +27747675226: Fax: +27862470417

You are advised to send the following information to assigned Claims Agent to facilitate the release of your fund to you.
1. Full name..............................
2. Country..................................
3. Contact Address.....................
4. Telephone Number.................
5. Fax Number.... ........................
5. Marital Status.........................
6.  Occupation.............................
7.  Date of birth.....................
8.  Sex.................................
9.  Batch Number.................................
10. Reference Number.................................
11. Pin Number................................
12. Winning Number................................
13. Amount Won................................
Congratulations! Congratulations!! Once again

Yours in service,                                
Dr. (Ms.) Elizabeth Sherwoods
website. www.yahoo.co.uk

You may also receive similar e-mails from people portraying to be other Organizations of yahoo Inc. This is solely to collect your personal information from you and lay claim over your winning. In event that you receive any e-mail similar to the notification letter that was sent to you, kindly delete it from your mailbox and give no further correspondence to such person or body.
Yahoo shall not be held responsible for any loss of fund arising from the above mentioned. Please send your reply to assigned claims manager and call him as well to facilitate the release of your won fund to you, email, drhm@live.co.za : Telephone: +27747675226   

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Operon Resource Management is at it again!

Operon Resource Management is a temp agency that is supposedly hiring for a company in Hudson NH for Atrium Medical. This is the biggest scam and a waste of time and gas out there. They have you arrive for an application session which takes 1.5-2 hours. Then after that they have you go to another orientation which is another couple of hours. They have you take all these exams and then say that they will call you when a position becomes available. The only problem is there are NO positions available and they will give you one excuse after the other.

Here's how I know this. A few years back my wife applied to work for them. She has experience working in a manufacturing environment as well as great references. They tell you that you do not need experience just a good work history and 2 professional references. She has both of those. She went to the application session and they called her back for the orientation which is not paid. She aced all of the exams that they gave her.

They told her that they would be calling her back and that she should follow up if she didn't hear anything. She called them several times and was given excuse after excuse. Then they called her with another position available and wanted to make sure they had her correct references because they wanted her to start the next day. Well an hour later that position that they told her they had was posted on Craigslist and they never contacted her again.

I replied to an ad that this agency had on Craigslist stating that they were a scam and they never had any positions available. I was told that they have high expectations and not everybody gets in. The problem with that is there was no reason that they could not hire my wife. I want to let everyone know to not waste their time with these people. They obviously are doing this to fill a quota and I will be contacting whoever posted this ad again. The ad currently is located at http://nh.craigslist.org/mnu/4392862091.html. I will also post the content of this ad because the Craigslist posts don't stay up too long. Also, there have been several people who have had the same experience with them so it was not just her. I will keep this blog updated with their email response if they have one.

Having a hard time finding the right career opportunity? Looking for a stable job? Operon Resource Management can help with both! Operon supports medical device manufacturing companies in New England by providing high quality workers in temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent placement positions. We are currently taking applications for assembly of medical devices for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Don't worry if you don't have any manufacturing experience; if you have a strong work ethic, Operon will provide you the training to build the specialized skills you need to succeed in a high-tech medical manufacturing environment! Applications are handled exclusively in-person at several different locations. Be sure to bring the names and phone numbers of two professional references, and be sure to arrive early. Come apply for the jobs of today and acquire the experience for the jobs of the future!

Shifts: 2nd and 3rd.

Pay: $10.25 - $11.50 (Pay is shift-dependant, not experience-dependant for entry-level positions.)

When to apply: Tuesdays at 10:00a.m

Where to apply: 5 Wentworth Drive, Hudson NH (On-site at Atrium Medical.)

What you'll need: The names and telephone numbers of two professional references that we can contact about your previous job performance. Please also bring a resume if you have one available.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers