Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scam Collection Agency

The other day a friend of mine asked me to listen to a voicemail message that they received. It was from someone saying that a family member of theirs left them as a contact person and that they have an active case in their office. They said that if they did not hear from them by the end of the day that a warrant would be issued for their arrest. I have heard countless stories of these "collection agencies" calling up people pretending to be law enforcement. However, I have never had it happen to a person who I personally knew and cared about.

The number that they called from was 240-256-3080. I called this number back and a woman answered the phone saying "investigations". They did not even say a company name. From what I have seen online the name of their company is PDLR Investigations. I asked this person if they were a collection agency and she told me that they are a arbitration firm. I informed her that it was total BS and that they are illegally extorting money out of people. When I said that she hung up.

I called back again and they kept hanging up. I got a friend of mine involved in it and they ended up blocking his number. From what I have heard they were calling from a Ring Central phone line which is all virtual and many people use this when they work at home. They can get an area code in any state that they want with this phone system. When they left the message they gave a call back number in the same area code as my friend. This would make it look like they are legit from this area.

If you receive a phone call from any place threatening you with arrest if you do not pay your bill do not listen to them and report them to the FTC immediately. If they are really scaring you and making you feel unsafe then contact your local police department. These scammers need to be stopped and I have a feeling that the only way to scare them enough is for them to be charged criminally.