Monday, October 7, 2013

Latest saturated Craigslist job posts...

I have joined plenty of internet marketing opportunities during the past several years. I have even written blog entries about it. It seems as though plenty of people have caught on to these job postings on Craigslist that have titles like "Take Inbound Calls From Home" "Daily pay" "Post ad's and get $20+ per hour" and much much more. The ad's usually tell you that you will be posting ad's and taking inbound calls from home. There is no investment required and you will get paid multiple times a day via PayPal. Another key phrase in this opportunity is that you will be working for Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Netflix, Discover Card, etc.

If you see anything like this in a Craigslist ad then chances are they want you to sign up for one of several affiliate programs that offer free trials. You will need to give your credit card information to at least 1 company in order to make money. If you want to make even more money you need to sign up for even more trial offers. Not all of these offers are free. As a matter of fact more and more of them are becoming unfree and charging anywhere from $1-$10+.

Now in order for you to not be charged any additional fee's you need to call up and cancel. I have signed up for several of these offers and have cancelled with no issue except for one which was Now Freester did not continue to bill me but they kept crediting my bank account $1 and then taking it away and doing it over and over again. This did not charge me any extra money but it is rather annoying. When you call these companies to cancel the reps are all trained to retain their customers by offering incentives to stay with them. You need to say no several times to get them to finally cancel.

Their is a website called that is a "training" website for a bunch of these internet marketing companies such as Instant Rewards, Free Treasure Chest, Ourloot2boot, etc. They charge a monthly fee to people who want to get access to the VIP area of the website. From what I hear it is training videos, scripts, etc that use to be free. I never paid for a VIP membership because I found that the $50 a month would just be a waste of money. I find their scripts to be misleading to job applicants and I refused to use those. That probably cost me several sign ups.

This opportunity is not technically illegal but it is very misrepresented. If you like the idea of posting job ad's and misleading people into entering their credit card information then this is for you. If you have seen a job ad like this on Craigslist or any other job board please be informed that it is not as simple as people tell you it is. Your job is going to be to sell people into signing up. You will get tons of resistance because people don't like to enter their credit card information.

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