Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to successfully run an at home company

In addition to my blog and my work at home website I have worked as upper management for a start up company  My job was to interview and hire people who would be great candidates to work at home. This was an extremely difficult process and it took up a lot of my time. It also wasted a lot of my time as 99% of the people that were hired talked a great game but never did anything. We allowed people to choose their own hours and all we wanted was people to make sales.

Getting people to work was easier said then done. Especially people who work from home. You need to be really self motivated to work from home but clearly most of these people weren't. The people who we hired claimed to have experience working from home. However, if they did they were let go real quick cause it was clear that they just did not want to work.

I heard every excuse in the book for people who did not work. We hired people for a sales position and they never picked up the phone or sent out an email to a prospect. We wrote out what the job description was on the contract as well as told them that in the interview. Some people just could not grasp the concept of it. They needed to make cold calls and we told them this. 

There was one guy who we hired who just sat around all day waiting for us to give him leads. This guy didn't make any cold calls. The only calls he was making was to me driving me nuts with one issue after the other. I don't have anything against peoples religion but every call he made to me he mentioned Jesus which I found to be inappropriate. We had to eventually let him go after he made a big stink about him not being paid cause he never made a sale.

We gave people a couple of different options about being paid. This was one of our big mistakes. Even though it was outlined clearly in the contract no one seemed to understand. The 2 options were soley commission OR a performanced based salary which was dependent on them meeting a quota. We had a BIG problem with this pay because people saw the world salary and didn't read the rest.

We had one guy who told us he had over 30 years of sales experience. He made calls to businesses but did a terrible job. He never made one sale and we actually offered a free promo for our sales reps to offer. He couldn't even give something away. The end of the month comes and he asks us when he is going to be paid. We let him know that since he didn't make any sales that he didn't have any money coming to him. He quit on us because of this. Again, we made this very clear to him in the contract. There were no secrets at all.

Another memorable person who we had was a woman who LOVED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS. This looks very unprofessional and is common sense that when you do this it looks like you are yelling. I asked her in a very nice email if she could not type in all caps. She wrote an email back to me going on a tirade about it. I told her that this is not acceptable and she needs to respect others and then she quit.

We had a few people who were really good workers. Those ones were very few and far between. After working for this company for over a year I decided to go off and do my own thing. Dealing with people who don't want to work day after day was too frustrating for me to deal with.

So my advice to anyone who is starting a work at home company and wants to hire workers please be patient and have a few step hiring process. Also, if you need them to work certain hours and certain days please be sure to hire them as employees and not independent contractors. If you let people pick their own hours then you can hire them as independent contractors. Be sure to read up on your labor laws. Also, be prepared to deal with a lot of headaches from people who do not want to work.

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