Sunday, September 15, 2013

It really amazes me.........

It really amazes me at how self entitled some people are. I worked for a start up work at home company for over a year. I started as an email marketer and moved up to director of operations. My job was to hire people to work for us as either appointment setters or sales reps. This should have been an easy task. However, 95% of the people who we hired NEVER picked up a finger and worked for us. There was always one excuse after the other.

First lets start off by saying that we let people know that this was a start up company. We had what's called a performance based salary (many work at home companies use this). This meant that you needed to meet a quota before achieving since the salary was a minimum of 35K a year. We are not going to pay people this to sit around and do nothing. We had MANY problems with people thinking they were getting a salary no matter what they did despite it being told to them several times what the conditions were. Also, the font stating that was bold and enlarged in the contract.

I will not mention any names to be fair to these people. We had one guy who told us he had over 30 years sales experience. He could have fooled us for someone who had no sales experience who couldn't even close a window. He would turn in his daily spreadsheet to us and it was all the same daily. He supposedly couldn't get a hold of anyone and the very few he got a hold of were not interested.

He didn't rebuttal anything like any other sales person would. We even told him that if someone was on the fence to offer a free promo to them so they can see what we can do. He couldn't even do that. He had a couple of people who were "thinking about it". He couldn't even GIVE something away! A month goes by and he still had no sales, no prospects, no one who even wanted something for free. Then he asks us when he is getting his salary check. Are you kidding me? He sold NOTHING! We told him nicely that he would not receive that pay because he did not sell anything. He told us that we were misrepresenting (even though we explained the conditions to him 100 times) and he quit.

Then we had another applicant who wanted hundreds of dollars upfront so he could make a sale by wining and dining people. Basically he wanted to get prospects drunk and have them sign the contract. Oh ya, this would go over real well. We also had an applicants who attended our conference call then hung up and left the VP of operations a message saying that she didn't have the time to sit on an hour long conference call. However, she was still interested in the position. Oh ya, we are really going to hire you when you give us an attitude even before your hired.

One of the worst ones was that woman who liked to TYPE IN CAPS for everything. Everyone should already know that when you do that it looks like you are yelling. Since this woman was going to be speaking with clients I told her that she needed to stop typing in all caps because it looks like you are yelling. She responded going on a tirade about how she has never had anyone say that and the people who do are not worth it and blah blah blah. This woman had been giving me attitude since day 1. I emailed her back stating that I was very concerned over her attitude towards me and that it was not going to be tolerated. Needless to say she quit after posting all this nonsense on our social network.

We did have a few good people working for us. Most of them seemed to be good in the beginning (especially the people who I hired) but then faded out quickly. We hired one guy who seemed to be really good. However, there was always a problem with him. He kept emailing me and leaving me voicemails that always contained religious statements. He never made a sale but yet demanded that he get paid for his efforts. Despite us telling him on several occasions that he needed to make quota to get his salary pay. I had to listen to him telling me about his wife is ready to throw him out.

There was a total of 4 people who we hired who were great workers the whole time they were with us. We had to sift through about 40 workers to find them. Its a very frustrating process. We tried everything to find better ways to hire people who would actually work but it did not help. As the saying goes "time will tell" and that is the truth.   

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