Saturday, September 14, 2013

I gave it a good shot. My final position on network marketing.

As the years have went by and with more and more network marketing opportunities arising I decided to try some of them. If you are an avid reader of my blog you will see that I have given my opinion on various home business opportunities out there. I have been involved with opportunities such as Essante Organics, Global Domains International, OurLoot2Boot, and my last opportunity which was Instant Rewards. I am going to give you a detailed review of each company and I am going to let you decide if you want to try it or not. Please note that I am not going to include any links as I am not here to promote.

Lets start off with Essante Organics. This is a MLM company that offers organic products such as hair shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, etc. I signed up for it when it was fairly new in 2011. There was a company that was working with them as a coop program called Essante Team Builder. They guaranteed that in 10 months you would be making a minimum of $2000 simply by staying in. This company quickly pulled out saying that they had a "better opportunity". They were still honoring the money back requests though for people who qualified.

I was not impressed with the products. The shampoo and the body wash made my skin really dry. The toothpaste wasn't anything special either. They were also very expensive and in order to stay in the ETB program you needed to get a new supply every month which ran into like $80 a month. I am not sure how their products are nowadays and their costs. This was when I was apart of them. I only stayed in for a month so I didn't really give myself long enough in this program. However, based on the results I saw from their products I decided it was time to try something else.

I signed up for Global Domains International back in November of 2012. This was a cheap enough service of only $10 a month which gave you a .ws domain name and a site builder. I advertised this company and got a decent amount of leads. However, I was not impressed with the site builder and lets face it, people can go to GoDaddy and purchase a domain and hosting for much cheaper. The .ws domain names are not impressive to people either.

I tried this other network marketing method which includes OurLoot2Boot and Instant Rewards which are involved with trial offers for Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Netflix, Discover Card, etc. In order for you to make money you need to do a trial offer. This includes entering your credit card info and sometimes paying a little bit of money for a trial. You then need to call and cancel before your membership is set to renew. I personally never had a problem cancelling these like some people claim to. However most people do not want to put their credit card information in. I made a little bit of money with OurLoot2Boot when this was a new form of marketing back in 2010. I signed up for Instant Rewards a few months ago and I never made a dime.

Now before all of you "successful" network marketers say that I just was not trying that is far from the truth. When I was with all of these programs aside from Essante I was with them for several months. I marketed them via websites such as Craigslist and my own personal site. I also use traffic exchanges and did everything that I was suppose to. The only thing that I refused to do was to make it look like Instant Rewards was a real job and con people in to signing up over the phone. This is the new form of marketing that is taking place to get people to sign up. You are to place very broad ad's online and have people call you. You then are suppose to give an "interview" and then an "orientation". The orientation is having the people sign up with you over the phone. This is so when they ask why they need to use their credit card you can rebuttal them and get the sale. I find this a bit deceptive.

Now I am not saying that these companies scam their workers by not paying them. I hear that all of them pay on time. However it is VERY tough to even make a buck in this business. People are onto the games out there and they are not very receptive to signing up. If you have a real sales personality and love being on the phone talking people into stuff then maybe you can do well at these opportunities. However, most people will not make much (if any) money at all.

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