Saturday, August 24, 2013

OFF TOPIC: What happened to people?

Every now and then I will post something that is off topic from scams. Today is one of those days!

I worked for a company that hired people to work from home. My job was to hire those people and train them how to do their job. I also helped out with the marketing. I did not help out with the marketing as much as I would have liked to though due to the hassles of hiring and training people who supposedly wanted to work from home. Myself and a co-worker would interview these people via telephone together. We would ask a series of questions and even have them do an online test. They would impress us very much at the interview but as soon as we hired them they would not work.

About 90% of the people who we hired never started. Or they started and lasted a day or 2. It was insane on how these people went from being really motivated to not wanting to work. It was not just the business I was in. I saw it all over the place. Unmotivated people that think working from home is watching TV and collecting a paycheck. This is why there are a lot of companies that hire at home workers and pay them by project or on commission. Sadly, we cannot trust a lot of people out there to actually work!

There were 6 people out of 30 that we hired that actually worked consistently for us. These were people who were self motivated and we felt very lucky to have them working for us. The majority of them though were just nothing but headaches. They would just ask questions (which I don't mind) but they wouldn't pick up the phone or send out an email.

Then recently I signed up for this work at home opportunity. I got another offer so I decided to go with the other position. The way that they communicated was to have everyone on a social network for businesses. The hiring manager was trying to get everyone into training and people are using one excuse after the other on why they can't make the next training. I mean an 1.5 hour training should be an easy thing to fit into your schedule. Especially if you plan on working 25+ hours for this company.

I could not believe the way some of these people spoke to me. Where I come from people are nice to prospective employers. A lot of these people were not friendly and came off as just real assholes. I just can't believe how things have changed. It doesn't seem like a lot of people want to work anymore.

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