Saturday, August 24, 2013

I have to laugh sometimes....

So as a scam investigator and a blogger about scams I make sure to research companies thoroughly before putting them on my blog as a scam. It is important to do this not only to keep your credibility online but to keep you out of legal trouble as well. If you go online and call something a scam when it really isn't then people are not going to trust anything you say. Obviously the typical 419 scams of send me money and ill send you millions of dollars you don't need to do much investigating to call it a scam. However, if it is an established company make sure you look into it heavily before you go and trash their name.

Work at home companies are huge when it comes to investigating. About 90% of the investigating I do is work at home companies. I first check and see if it is in fact a registered business. If I can't find a registered name for it that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a scam. It could be registered in a different state or under a different name.

After that I simple Google the companies name, email addresses, physical address, and phone number. I make sure that there aren't any consistent complaints about the same thing such as not giving refunds, taking unauthorized money out of peoples accounts, and not paying employees. If I see complaints about them calling people I don't really make a big deal about that. If you Google any number that calls people you will see complaints about people being on the DNC list and them calling someone 50 times a day when the company really is doing no such thing and everything that they are doing is on the up and up.

After I make sure that everything is good I will then post the opportunity on my website. If I find that a company is really not doing legit things (especially not paying people) I will not list it on my site and depending on how serious the matter is I might post it on this blog. Work at home opportunities that I decide not to list on my website are not necessarily candidates to be listed on my scam blog. 

I go onto several forums and I see the people are so quick so call something a scam. Work at home forums always have people like that. When a new opportunity is listed that no one has heard of before they will automatically treat it like a scam until the company proves its not. Yes, there have been work at home opportunities that have scammed people. However, that goes with every field out there. 

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