Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am reporting you to the BBB....

Almost all business owners and employees have heard this at one time or another. I love how people think the BBB is soo powerful and is a law enforcement agency. The truth is the BBB is a scam in itself. They are a private organization that has people pay to get good ratings.

A while back the news exposed them. There was a terrorist organization that was BBB accredited and had a A+ rating because they paid for it. The amount they want to belong to them is insane. I was contacted by them when I ran my Judgment Recovery business and they wanted like $500 a year!. This was for a simple 1 man company. Other companies they want $1,000's a year.

Not all companies listed with the BBB pay for it. I never paid for mine and yet I am listed with them. I have an A- rating with no complaints. This is because I am not registered with them. If I had 100 complaints and paid them I would have an A+ rating.

I have worked in sales and many times when I was pitching someone they would ask if we were members of the BBB. Most companies I worked for weren't. My rebuttal would be the same every time, "Well did you know that the BBB is a scam on its own?". I even had one person say "Oh yes I know I saw the news". Why even bother asking then?

If you are a consumer who has a legit complaint against a company contact your local attorney generals office. Don't bother threatening them with a BBB complaint cause chances are they are just going to laugh at you. You will need to get an attorney involved to get anything done.

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