Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ways to investigate a work at home company

When you are looking for a work at home opportunity and come across a company looking for people it is important that you do your investigating before joining them. You want to make sure that the company is offering legit products and services and you also want to make sure that you are going to get paid. Sadly there is a history of some work at home companies not paying their workers. There are some brick and mortar companies that have did that but it is easier for a company that is out of someones house to be "Here today, Gone tomorrow". A company that has a physical location with employees that come in everyday is a bit more difficult to vanish overnight. It does happen but work at home companies are more likely to do that.

The first thing you want to do is look the company up on Google. See if there are any complaints about them. Just because a company has complaints does not mean they are a scam and not to go with them. Every company has someone who complains about them. You can't make everyone happy. However if there are consistent complaints about the same thing(s) then you may want to look into it further and you may not want to go with that company. Especially if it is in regards to not paying workers or having a scammy service.

The next thing you want to do is try and locate their business license. Go to the state that the business is located in Secretary of State's website. See if you can find the business and make sure that the are active and have not had their license revoked or anything. You may not be able to find the business. If you aren't that either means that they are using a different licensed name, their business is registered in another state, or they don't have a registered business. I will say that USUALLY they do have the business licensed under some name. Use your judgement with this one, if something doesn't seem right then don't pursue it.

I see people online always referring to the BBB. You are welcome to look the company up on it but I would not take what the BBB says very seriously. If you pay them several hundred dollars then you'll get an A+ rating. I recommend and those have real ratings that people can't pay to remove (or merge together).

Look at the documents they have you fill out. DO NOT disclose any personal information if you have any doubts about them. Don't be afraid to ask them questions. I ran into a incident where a work at home company sent me paperwork to fill out. They were all generic forms with the company name not on them. I couldn't find anything about them or find a business registered with their name. I was not comfortable disclosing my information to them when I can't even find a website.

The most important thing is DO NOT pay to work for them! Now there are companies out there that are legit that ask for a fee for a background check. This fee should not cost any more then $45. If you are asked to pay anymore then that for these "certification classes" then my advice is to not go with them. I hope this helps you out in your work at home job search. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

OFF TOPIC: What happened to people?

Every now and then I will post something that is off topic from scams. Today is one of those days!

I worked for a company that hired people to work from home. My job was to hire those people and train them how to do their job. I also helped out with the marketing. I did not help out with the marketing as much as I would have liked to though due to the hassles of hiring and training people who supposedly wanted to work from home. Myself and a co-worker would interview these people via telephone together. We would ask a series of questions and even have them do an online test. They would impress us very much at the interview but as soon as we hired them they would not work.

About 90% of the people who we hired never started. Or they started and lasted a day or 2. It was insane on how these people went from being really motivated to not wanting to work. It was not just the business I was in. I saw it all over the place. Unmotivated people that think working from home is watching TV and collecting a paycheck. This is why there are a lot of companies that hire at home workers and pay them by project or on commission. Sadly, we cannot trust a lot of people out there to actually work!

There were 6 people out of 30 that we hired that actually worked consistently for us. These were people who were self motivated and we felt very lucky to have them working for us. The majority of them though were just nothing but headaches. They would just ask questions (which I don't mind) but they wouldn't pick up the phone or send out an email.

Then recently I signed up for this work at home opportunity. I got another offer so I decided to go with the other position. The way that they communicated was to have everyone on a social network for businesses. The hiring manager was trying to get everyone into training and people are using one excuse after the other on why they can't make the next training. I mean an 1.5 hour training should be an easy thing to fit into your schedule. Especially if you plan on working 25+ hours for this company.

I could not believe the way some of these people spoke to me. Where I come from people are nice to prospective employers. A lot of these people were not friendly and came off as just real assholes. I just can't believe how things have changed. It doesn't seem like a lot of people want to work anymore.

I have to laugh sometimes....

So as a scam investigator and a blogger about scams I make sure to research companies thoroughly before putting them on my blog as a scam. It is important to do this not only to keep your credibility online but to keep you out of legal trouble as well. If you go online and call something a scam when it really isn't then people are not going to trust anything you say. Obviously the typical 419 scams of send me money and ill send you millions of dollars you don't need to do much investigating to call it a scam. However, if it is an established company make sure you look into it heavily before you go and trash their name.

Work at home companies are huge when it comes to investigating. About 90% of the investigating I do is work at home companies. I first check and see if it is in fact a registered business. If I can't find a registered name for it that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a scam. It could be registered in a different state or under a different name.

After that I simple Google the companies name, email addresses, physical address, and phone number. I make sure that there aren't any consistent complaints about the same thing such as not giving refunds, taking unauthorized money out of peoples accounts, and not paying employees. If I see complaints about them calling people I don't really make a big deal about that. If you Google any number that calls people you will see complaints about people being on the DNC list and them calling someone 50 times a day when the company really is doing no such thing and everything that they are doing is on the up and up.

After I make sure that everything is good I will then post the opportunity on my website. If I find that a company is really not doing legit things (especially not paying people) I will not list it on my site and depending on how serious the matter is I might post it on this blog. Work at home opportunities that I decide not to list on my website are not necessarily candidates to be listed on my scam blog. 

I go onto several forums and I see the people are so quick so call something a scam. Work at home forums always have people like that. When a new opportunity is listed that no one has heard of before they will automatically treat it like a scam until the company proves its not. Yes, there have been work at home opportunities that have scammed people. However, that goes with every field out there. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

419 Scam

Hello My Dear,

your ATM Package valued €900.000.00 has been deposited in FeDEx Courier Service on 16/08/2013 So Contact them immediately with your delivery address and phone number.

Email: (
Director: Dr Adam Johnson.

Note that i paid the delivery fee and the only fee you will pay is €45 per day for their office keeping fee.

Mr Robert Odili,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am reporting you to the BBB....

Almost all business owners and employees have heard this at one time or another. I love how people think the BBB is soo powerful and is a law enforcement agency. The truth is the BBB is a scam in itself. They are a private organization that has people pay to get good ratings.

A while back the news exposed them. There was a terrorist organization that was BBB accredited and had a A+ rating because they paid for it. The amount they want to belong to them is insane. I was contacted by them when I ran my Judgment Recovery business and they wanted like $500 a year!. This was for a simple 1 man company. Other companies they want $1,000's a year.

Not all companies listed with the BBB pay for it. I never paid for mine and yet I am listed with them. I have an A- rating with no complaints. This is because I am not registered with them. If I had 100 complaints and paid them I would have an A+ rating.

I have worked in sales and many times when I was pitching someone they would ask if we were members of the BBB. Most companies I worked for weren't. My rebuttal would be the same every time, "Well did you know that the BBB is a scam on its own?". I even had one person say "Oh yes I know I saw the news". Why even bother asking then?

If you are a consumer who has a legit complaint against a company contact your local attorney generals office. Don't bother threatening them with a BBB complaint cause chances are they are just going to laugh at you. You will need to get an attorney involved to get anything done.