Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not all sales industries are SCAMS!

I am getting tired of seeing people writing all kinds of bad things about sales companies and calling them scams. Not all sales companies out there are scams. Something is not a scam because you joined and did not make a dime. People expect to make all this money and not do a thing and when they don't they quit and slander their name all over the internet. When I say that something is a scam at least I have the evidence to back it up.

There are a few companies out there that I have joined to sell for and didn't make anything. I just decided that it wasn't for me so I parted ways. However, I did not go and slander the names of the companies because I didn't make any money. I know that making money with these companies is possible therefore it is NOT a scam.

I am going to mention one company in particular which is Kirby. Kirby has a great vacuum cleaner that lasts forever. My mother has one that she has had for 15+ years and it works great. The vacuum cleaner is expensive and they purposely over price it so there is room to negotiate the price. Of course you get people who will pay the $2000+ for it. The majority of the buyers though have negotiated it down to $1000 or less.

I see Kirby posting ad's on Craigslist often looking for sales reps. I also see a lot of people posting ad's on Craigslist complaining about how they didn't make any money with them and calling them a scam and saying that they are going to report them and everything else. Kirby has been around for over 100 years. They have stayed in business this long because their vacuums sell! Sales is not for everyone but there is a difference between saying that and saying that they company is a scam because you never made a sale.

Sales is a hard game I agree. It is difficult for most people to overcome the objections that you will get. If you have a chance of being successful in sales you need to work hard. Look at the amount of hours that real estate agents put in. Commission based opportunities always have risks. This DOES NOT make them a scam.

Please make sure you do your research before you call something a scam. Especially when you are thinking of calling something that simply because you did not make money at it. Its not fair to the company that is trying to do a legit business. 

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