Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Buy in Salem NH

I am disliking these big box stores more and more everyday. Best Buy knows that aside from online they have the best selection of merchandise, because of this they can have the worst customer service imaginable and still make money. People really need to start shopping online and run these places out of business.

I have posted before about their in store pickup before but now we have a whole other issue. I went in to Best Buy with my father to buy my mom a laptop for her birthday. We located the laptop and it was actually there for us to pick up and buy. Previously they would need to go into the back to get them. Anytime you wanted to buy a laptop on sale their employee's would tell you "let me go in the back and see if we still have it" then they would leave you there for 20 minutes so you would find a more expensive one.

So we stood there waiting at a very unorganized checkout in the computer area. All of the workers are just looking at you and not doing their job. All we are trying to do is pay for the laptop and leave. I was getting pissed off at them and they could tell. Still, they don't do anything. Finally we get up there to pay and the woman didn't even say "have a nice day" or "thank you".

This particular Best Buy in Salem NH is worse then any other ones I have visited. I am not sure if it is poor management and/or lazy workers. They really need to get their shit together. I advise everyone who lives in this area to go up to either Manchester or Concord NH Best Buy. At least you will be treated like a customer and not a piece of shit.

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