Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Payday Review

As many of you know I run a website This website contains only legit and no fee work at home opportunities. Since I run this website and my credibility is on the line I need to make sure to do my homework on a company before I list it. If I find out that a company charges a fee for someone to sign up I will not list it. If I find that a company has a history of not paying I will not list them either.

Over the past year and a half I have been asked on several occasions what my opinion is on Project Payday. Some people also recommended that I list them. Well I finally gave in and I signed up for Project Payday and completed an offer so I could check it out. After weighing out the pros and con's of this company I have decided to not list this on my site for several reasons. I am not calling it a scam but I am going to call it very gimmicky.

Project Payday is a website that is based on making extra money with offers and referrals. It is free to sign up but in order for it to be free you need to complete an offer. If you do not complete an offer it costs $35 for a lifetime membership. Many of the company offers on there are legit. However, many of them are not free. I signed up for Gamefly as an offer because I have heard about them and intended on checking them out anyways it was $5.95 for the first 30 days.

Lets talk about a free offer that you can sign up for They give you a free 7 day trial but you need to enter your credit card information. In order for you to cancel you need to call in. Myself as well as a couple of friends and my mother have done this in the past. You need to literally yell at the customer service rep in order to get them to cancel. Make sure you do this before you trial runs out or they will charge you real fast. This offer in my opinion is NOT worth it.

Right after I completed the Gamefly sign up I was then pitched all these other offers. I was told that I should do another one to get more advantages but I didn't. Once I was in the Project Payday system I learned that Project Payday itself is just the referral program. The pay that you get for the offers comes from other companies. Even though Project Payday markets as you never need to refer others it certainly sounds like you do to make any sort of income. Either that or you need to give all these companies your credit card information and spend hours on the phone trying to cancel these memberships you are now apart of.

So you  may be asking what is the gimmick? That's simple, advertising that you can get started for free. In order for you to get started for free you need to provide a credit card  number to some place that will make it next to impossible for you to cancel. I do not call that free.

If you have had success with Project Payday I am more then happy for you. If you have not and are asking my opinion of it I would say to go for another opportunity. One that doesn't require you to sign up for all these services to make money. I have plenty of them on my website          

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  1. Thank you for this review. Project Pay day is one of the most annoying emails blasts out there. So glad that I followed my instinct and chose to ignore them.