Monday, February 25, 2013

Applebees Update

It has been a little over a week since my gf received a to go order that was nasty. You can see a picture on my previous post of what I am talking about. This was the Applebees in Derry NH.

This is what happened, we order to go all the time. We have been impressed with them until last week when I ordered to go and they decided on giving my gf who ordered a riblet basket a slab of fat. That's all that was there! The funny thing is is that the person who brought the order out to my car seemed to be mad that I didn't tip her. Well, I tried to tip last time and they didn't take it so oh well. I don't think people should be tipped for walking 20 feet anyways.

So my gf placed the picture on Applebees Facebook page and they told her to fill out an online form about what happened, so she did. Since Applebees doesn't seem to care about their nasty food that they served  us I will not go there again. I will also show this picture to all my friends, family, and whoever else wants to see it.

If you represent Applebees and are reading this then I suggest you refund my money. You can send me an email at

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