Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fake Job Scam

So the other day I received a "job offer" that I never applied for. This went to my spam folder from a Mr. Etao Yo Ching The Reply-To address is The email consisted of an attached .rtf file with a job description. Usually what will happen is they will send you a fake check that looks real, it will go through right away with your bank but then a week or 2 later it will bounce. You will have overdrawn your account because they tell you to take money out of your account from the check and send it to them via Western Union.

Hello, Business  has temporarily taken me out of United States to my home country, China, where I hope to establish my offices and put up a management team before coming back to the United States within 24 months. Meanwhile, I have numerous payees (suppliers/credi tors/billers/other clients) in United States that I need to continually pay for services and products to keep my business

I need someone who will assist me in sending funds to payees and other billers. Internet here is highly restrictive and insecure. Qualified personnel in the USA will given access to Petty Cash via through direct to manage my payees. Among other alternatives, remittances via PayPal, Western Union, online bill payment solutions or by any other means

without leaving the comfort of your home. Salary: $2,000 monthly. Position: Bill Pay Assistant (part time). Please send me your resume or other necessary information about yourself and I will evaluate your capability. Thank you

Mr.ETao Yo Ching

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