Friday, November 30, 2012

BestBuy's store pickup

BestBuy's store pickup service is nothing but a joke. The things that they have on their website that supposedly have in the store is not true. I ordered a ps3 value pack with the console and 2 games and put the option to pick it up in the store. I was sent an email saying that they received my order and it would take usually less then 45 minutes for them to get it ready.

An hour goes by and I still didn't receive an email and my fiance needed the car to go to work so I went there with her. I get to the store and there is a massive line which is usual for this time of year. So I waited a good 20 minutes and then when I get up to the counter and give them my information my order not only hadn't been picked yet but they didn't even have the product. I am waiting around while the employee gets the information about where the product is. It turns out this ps3 bundle pack will not be available until several days later!!!! I needed to leave quickly so I told them to just cancel my order and they did. No apologies, nothing for wasting my time. These employees didn't look like they knew what was going on. They acted like I was inconveniencing them.

So the next day I went online and thought about making another purchase at BestBuy even though I was pretty upset with how they handled the situation the night before. I decided to just go there instead of using their online system. It turns out yet again they have items that they claim they have even though they do not such as a ps3 console. They only have the bundle packs left.

I would not recommend using BestBuy's store pickup unless you are 100% sure that the item is there. You can't tell by what it says online so you will need to call the store. I would say to just go to the store and see what they have there. 

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