Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The United States Postal Service

First off I would like to point out that this post does NOT apply to all USPS workers. There are some (including my mail lady) workers that are terrific and go the extra miles to help you out. However, many of them simply do not care!

The USPS overpays their employees for what? To get horrible customer service? Half the time mail gets lost in the shuffle. Then when you go to your local post office to ask about it they are rude and tell you that they can't do anything about it. Then if your mail gets damaged they put it in this plastic bag with the words "Because we care", its more like "Because we don't give a shit".

I didn't realize how bad the post office was until I moved out to Jaffrey NH for over a year. My mail was always getting lost and I was always getting my neighbors mail. Its amazing because Jaffrey is such a small town (about 7,500 people) so you would think that the mail service would be better. Packages would come from California within 2 days but sometimes it would take 2 weeks.

I had to go to that post office all the time to find out about lost mail. There was this one guy there who was a complete asshole. He wouldn't even greet you when you came up to the counter. I would bring up slips from my PO Box that I had a package to be picked up. The first time I brought it up to the counter I gave it to the guy and he let out a sigh and said very rudely "WHICH NUMBER"? As if I am suppose to know you need to say it before they need to ask you.

Another time when it took almost 2 weeks to receive a priority mail flat rate box I went up to the counter to ask about the package. It was the same asshole who tells me that they are not responsible for it. If they aren't responsible who the fuck is? I was happy that it at least finally came! With priority mail you pay for your package to be delivered within 3-5 days. Of course though the post office always says that they cannot guarantee delivery within that time frame. I have also paid for next day delivery which never happened either. So I had wasted all this money when I could have just paid for standard shipping and received it at the same time.

No wonder why the post office is in so much debt. No one uses them anymore when whenever possible. I pay most of my bills online cause I know that they will get my payments. I do thank the postal workers that do work hard though. They are few and far between but at least there are some.

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