Thursday, October 11, 2012

Temporary Agencies

For the avid readers of my blog you know how much I dislike temp agencies. From their deceptive advertising on job board to their attitudes. My fiance has been looking for a job for several months she tries to stay away from temp agencies but some of the postings that these agencies make are very deceptive. They act like they are the client company so people will apply. Then once they receive resumes they call people up and get them in for an interview. Then they will most likely tell you that the position they posted was already "filled" but they have other stuff available. The stuff that they have available is nothing like what you originally applied for. This is just one big scam for these recruiters to meet their quota.

The receptionists that work for these agencies are usually bottom of the barrel people. They are trained to say that these recruiters "just stepped out" when people who have met with them before are checking in trying to get some work. I got a temp job through an agency once and when I called to speak with my recruiter you wouldn't believe the amount of screening questions this receptionist asked me. Then when I looked up this place on the web it turns out that they were asking all these questions for a reason. For people that they are not able to find a job for the recruiters are always not available. I guess if you have a current assignment they are able to speak with you. If you don't they don't want anything to do with you.

My experience with temp agencies went all the way back to 2004. I worked for this company trying to get my foot in the door called Pomerantz Staffing (now called CoWorx Staffing). I will admit, this temp agency did find me an assignment fast. It was in a plastics manufacturing facility.

Now the recruiters will probably say that its the job market right now that's bad. However, when you positions on job boards that were filled and try to get people to sign up with you anyways that's really shitty. People are out there looking for jobs and have better things to do then fill out a 10 page application for a temp agency that most likely will not help them out. From what I am told TPI Staffing Group is like that. I heard that Masiello Employment Group is good but from my first hand experience with them they were useless.

The Leddy Group is complete crap. I applied for a position back in 2007 for a company called Centronics. I was contacted by Leddy Group saying that the company uses them to hire so I had to go through them if I wanted the position. I went in for an interview and they put me through all this qualification crap. Then I went back and they told me that they were going to put me on board with them and help me find a job. They said that Centronics wants people with experience so basically there was a good chance that they wouldn't hire me. The Leddy Group would call me almost daily with new opportunities. First off, I specifically asked for temp to hire. All of the jobs that they called me about were only temp. They would get mad at me if I denied an assignment even though they were calling me for jobs that I clearly did not want. I finally had enough of them so I told them I was no longer in the market.

The worst temp agency I ever dealt with was Balance Staffing located in Salem NH. I applied for a job on Craigslist and got a call from them. They said that this position was beginning immediately and it was a temp-hire job. So I went in for an interview the same day. I get there and I am waiting in the waiting room for the recruiter to come and get me. I am sitting there and all of a sudden I hear this worker slam the phone down and yell out "WHAT THE FUCK"! She starts bitching about a person looking for a job keeps calling her up. Then another person calls in and the recruiter who I am going to be speaking with tells her that there is nothing available for her at the time. She gets off the phone with her and starts talking shit about her with everyone. Saying that she's fed up with her because she keeps calling in even though she failed a drug test and that places can't use her because of her intellectual skills. Clearly I wanted nothing to do with this place so I never followed up with them on this job.

All in all temp agencies are nothing but a waste of time. Unless you want these 1-2 week assignments stay away from them. The unprofessionalism of these places is unbelievable. The deception that these recruiters use just so they can meet their quota is horrible.


  1. The typical corporate client that likes to hire temps, does so because they want to dispose of people quickly and easily. And many times the client lies to both the candidate & agency for the purpose of the temp -- in many cases they are just used as a placeholder or to keep the seat warm for the pending perm employee

  2. I recruitment doncaster
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    Be Aware

  3. I have had the worst rick-roll in my life ever a couple of days ago. I've been working with a particular temp agency for a while as I go door to door looking for openings, they give me a job one day and I take it without hesitation, signed and filled out the documents including the W2.

    I show up at work with 15 other people standing around, I ask the manager " Hey man, you must be expanding hiring all these people ", he replied " No, I'm hiring 3 of you ", I was confused since the recruiter told me I got the job, it was 8 hours of ' The Hunger Games ' style battling out to find out who the 3 candidates were. I have a newfound hatred for temp agencies.

    I took some time after work to talk to my co-workers, all from the same temp agency and were told they got the job, 12 people went home with just a days worth of cash and a pink slip.

    My question is, does temp agencies get some kind of federal aid for employing large numbers of people? I can't see how it would be cost effective to throw bodies at a employer from a temp agency standpoint, don't these agencies foot the medical and all other coverage until their client hires you onto their payroll?

  4. I had a temp agency in GA. CHARGE me $200.00 for drug test,$30.00 7 state background checks at $135 and a work physical.$30.00.. and they never one time told me I would be charged for anything. Isn't this a violation in itself?

    1. I am not sure if that is considered a violation. It certainly seems like it would be especially since those fee's are outrageous and I have never had a company charge for a drug test. I would contact your local labor board and ask them about this.

    2. I agree I am jobless right now and had two temp agencies offer me a position stating that it will start immediately they love my resume so on and so forth I travels to the agency lyneer staffing and being that is is the holidays and I am in desperate need for a job they have had me calling them for two months and still no job but yet they have positions available on Craigslist? Go figure. Quality resource staffing international is another agency said the same thing yes we have one in providence ready to start had me on the leash this whole week I finally get an email oh the position is no longer available thank you for your interest thank you for screwing my thanks giving also adecco they promised me a 40 HR work week I went to the interview salary was great go to the job site work the first day everything went well once I received my schedule for the next week I was only working 2 days a week I went from being told you will be working 40 hrs a week to 16 hrs a week and when I went to complain to management in adecco that I was lied to I was met with the speech it better than no hrs but when I asked them how will I survive with 16 hrs no one could respond. These agencies should be regulated and punished for breaking verbal contracts because how do you tell someone they have a job one day and the next day oh you don't have anything sorry. It's ridiculous and hurtful to some people especially on the holidays.😞😭