Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scam Job Offer

Yesterday I received an email from mariele.carrilho@ig.com.br and the Reply-To address was highunter_1@hotmail.com. This probably means that the mariele.carrilho address was highjacked. This has happened to myself and several other people I know. The red flags in this email are the amount that they are claiming to pay. $1,800 for 10-12 hours a week, I did the math and that would be over $37 an hour. Not bad for a position that doesn't require any type of college education. Also, the fact that they will not say where they found my resume. They also claim to take care of all your taxes. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

Date : 22 October 2012
Time : 21:30
Sender : Larita Brierly Logistics Manager of  ILG

Good Day Derek Gray,
Your CV was found at one of the job offering sites.
We invite you to work as a transportation manager. The income will consist of  $1,800 monthly and the working hours will be some 10-12 hours every week. We are one of the leading firms  offering Logistic Services. We also handle the needs of  Heavy Equipment like Crain, Waste water tanks, Chemical tanks and others. Our business operations are fulfilled by experienced workers. We have a well-structured business concept to provide customers with comprehensive international cargo logistics services. Our friendly and dedicated team let us satisfy all requirements of customers and to provide them utmost contentment.

21 years or older
Fast response to all messages received from  your personal administrator
Ability to receive parcels directly to your home address (not P.O. Box)
Be available on the mobile and fixed phone within the daytime
no previous conviction. good reputation
a personal mobile phone
basic computer skills
permanent Internet access within the daytime

Working place:
the positionis mostly home-based, but you have to be able to get in contact with delivery couriers and delivery services.
having phone access and having a printer is necessary

The contract between the employer and the employee.
A scanned copy of your ID (passport or driver’s license)

As soon as the agreement is signed by both parties, you will be informed and guided through the whole process.
Transportation manager is responsible for a wide range of duties and supports our clients. The main duties are coordination and synchronization of the load activities by means of getting in touch with customers, and USPS, UPS, and FedEx carriers to guarantee that all product is received on time. Transportation manager is a direct contact between supplier, carrier and receiver as he/she will take care of the client’s satisfaction by keeping in touch with carriers and clients through the whole process of transaction. Transportation manager must provide prompt delivery. You will obtain detailed data about every item you will have to get it and resend.
The most wide-spread goods are golden and silver wares, watches, electronic appliances, and collectibles. We guarantee a 2 week paid vacation twice a year and the first holidays can be after 5 months. All the taxes stated in your tax returns will be covered by our firm. To get more details, reply to this  email.

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