Thursday, October 11, 2012

419 Scam

Now I thought that these 419 scammers have gotten smarter when it comes to asking for a fee? A lot of the times they will not ask you for a fee until you have gained their trust. Well this person gets straight to the point.......

 Your Attention Is Needed!

The first $4500.00 was sent today.
My working partner has helped me to send the first $4,500.00 to you through our Western Union Department Office. So Contact Western Union Agent And ask Him how Much Charge Fee you need to send before you will pick up your first $4,500 now:

Contact person: Mr. John C. West
TEL: +229-97368564

Ask him to give you the m t c n, sender's name, to pick the $4,500.00. I told him to keep sending you $4,500.00 daily till the payment of $950,000.00 is completed. Again forward him your Full Name, Telephone number and Address so that he will be sure.

Then Contact Him With Your Full Information:
Thanks, Mr. Frank  Mark
From Government Office Payment

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