Friday, September 28, 2012

Lahey Clinic Hospital Billing

As all of you probably know the cost of healthcare is extremely expensive. My insurance usually covers 80% of the cost and I am responsible for the other 20% which is fine. I had to have some benign lesions removed from my ears called Keloids. Keloids are an overgrowth of skin that cause large size lumps from trauma such as piercings. I have had several procedures done to remove these. I have always made monthly payments and they have never given me a problem until recently......

Lahey Clinic has 2 separate billing departments, Hospital and Physician. I have made a payment arrangement with both of them for $25 a month. The physician department gave me no problem with that. However, the hospital department did.....

So I kept receiving bills from the hospital billing department and everytime you do you need to call them and add it to your payment plan. I called up to add them and the billing department woman told me that I needed to pay at least double that amount or it would go to collections. I explained to her my situation and she really didn't care. I gave her a choice that they can either accept payment or if they send it to collections I would NEVER pay them.

I received a "Final Notice' letter from them a couple weeks ago saying that if I didn't pay at least $90 a month for a $500 balance that they would send it to collections. I sent them a very firm letter back stating that I spoke to someone and I told them I could only pay $25 a month each to the hospital and physician billing department. I cannot pay anymore. I have no assets or money for them to take (which I stated in the letter). I also said that any collection agency that contacts me will have a Cease and Desist letter sent to them (remember that people, if you have a collection agency contact you just send one of those to them and they are breaking the law if they contact you again). I have been in the collections industry for years so I know what can and cannot be done (I said that in my letter as well).

So anyways, I have not received a response from them yet but these collection efforts from Lahey Clinic need to stop. You do not ask to have medical problems so with that worry plus the worry of them coming down hard on you to pay something that you don't have really pisses me off.

Lahey Clinic has EXCELLENT doctors and nurses so I cannot say anything bad about my treatment. I think I will need to look for another hospital to go to though....


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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience about your hospital billing problem. Unlike you, many people don't know what to do if ever that thing happened to them.

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