Monday, April 16, 2012

Home Shopping Networks

So I need to discuss the issue with the home shopping networks on TV. Everyone acts like these hosts are the nicest people in the world. My grandmother was always like that talking about the hosts being so nice and such good people and blah blah blah! What a lot of people do not realize is that their employees are SALES PEOPLE. This means that they are paid to be nice to you so you will buy from them. When they do those on air testimonials you get a lot of shopaholics talking about how they max out their credit cards buying from them and their husbands are going to divorce them. The hosts of course do not care. From what I have found on the net the average income for these hosts are anywhere from $80K-$500K a year! They also sell items that are not of the greatest quality. I love it when my grandmother bought something from them and it was a piece of junk. She insisted that it was the best thing in the world but that's what the network wants you to believe. My advice is to not buy anything from these TV networks and spend your money supporting your local businesses. We don't need to contribute to these self centered TV hosts massive salary!

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