Wednesday, April 11, 2012

419 Scam


 I contacted you some time ago in respect to the funds transfer of my deceased client . I want to sincerely thank you for your help initially although you backed out thinking that the funds transfer was illegal and a scam. Well, everything was legal and legit and went well, the funds transfer was a success!!! I am on vacation now in China with my family. In a way to appreciate your kind gesture, I have instructed my bank to transfer the sum of Five million two hundred thousand USD ($5,200,000.00) to you via a certified Bank Draft/check so that you can claim and cash in your bank. This is my little way of saying thank you for your initial help. Please send the the following information as soon as possible to my secretary, so that he can forward it to my bank for the necessary modalities in the transfer of your Bank draft. 1. Your full Name 2. Telephone/Mobile phone number: 3. Contact address My secretary email contacts Contact Name: Mr Ronald Jackson Email address: Phone numner: +27738458354 Also note that the money I have left for the bank is ($5,200,000.00)my secretary will give you more guard line on how to deal with bank,and be inform I will not be able to respond to your email till further notice as am on vacation with my family all mobiles will be switch off and email will not be attend too till further notice.

Yours truly,
Dr.Paul smith  

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