Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Citizens Bank

So the other day I made an accidental purchase on What happened was I had promotional credits with them due to an issue with shipping out products I ordered and one product turned out to be a different price then it was. I purchased a book for my fiancee for her Kindle Fire. The thing I did not realize is that it came directly from the publisher and not Amazon so the credits weren't able to apply. It overdrew my account. Now I have not had any overdraft fee's on my account in well over a year because I was able to get to the bank and deposit the money before the fee's hit. Now since this overdraft happened at 7pm the banks were closed. I called up Citizens Bank customer service to see what I could do. A woman answered and I explained to her what happened. I asked how long it would take for the overdraft fee to hit my account so I could go and deposit the money and her response was "its going to hit no matter what". Now she said this in a real rude tone. I replied that in the past I was able to get the money in my account before the overdraft happened. They also say in writing that you can avoid overdraft fee's if you deposit money in the same business day. Now since this was at 7pm it would go onto my account the next business day so I figured that if I put money in the next day I would be alright. Well her response was "we don't guarantee that you can avoid the overdraft fee's no matter what". I finally have had it with their customer service reps. Every person you speak with says something different. I said to this woman that her attitude needs to stop. After I started putting my foot down with her she became nice to me. I then asked her how long it would take before they start taking out the sustained overdraft fee's. She looked into my account and noticed that I didn't have an overdraft fee taken out yet this year. She told me that if the overdraft fee hit they would take it back because I was "doing very good". Now her proper response from the beginning should have been "well the overdraft fee will probably hit but let me see what we can do for you". If she had said that then I wouldn't have lost my cool with her. The next day I looked at my account and noticed that the fee hadn't been taken out of my account. Which I had a feeling it wouldn't have been. I deposited the money into my account and as soon as I did I looked at the account and noticed that my balance was now even lower then it had been before I put the money in. I immediately called customer service and spoke to a nice gentleman who explained to me that 2 items overdrew my account. I told him that didn't make sense because I only overdrew it with that one item. Turns out that I had 3 pending transactions and 2 of them went through overnight and the overdraft fee went through at noon just before I put the money in. So the 2 overdraft fee's were $22 each so $44 total. I asked the customer service rep if they could wave that because I was told that they could. He put me on hold and came back and told me that they would credit $40 back into my account. He did that instantly. I thanked him for doing that. So the good thing that I have to say about Citizens Bank is that they did waive the overdraft fee's for me. The bad thing is that their customer service is not of the best quality. They need to train their reps so everyone says the same thing and is accurate. Also, they need to train their reps to be FRIENDLY. If you are upper management of Citizens Bank reading this please make this change to your company. I do thank you guys again for crediting my account back.

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