Monday, August 29, 2011

419 Scam

From Mrs Katherine Travers

I am Mrs Katherine Travers From New Zealand,I worked With the Embassy for Nine years,I am now undergoing medical treatment at the hospital.

I deposited the sum of $4.5m Million (Four Million ,Five Hundred Thousand America Dollars).
I can not handle the transaction due to i am very sick and the doctors advise that i need to have enough rest.

Recently my Doctor told me that I may not live any more due to the sickness as i have to go for another major operation.

Having known my condition I decided to contact you very quickly so that i can link you on where i deposited the money now that i am still alive for you to receive this money on my behalf incase if i die during the operation then you will help me donate the money to the less privilege. Like to the orphanages, Old people, homeless. I took this decision because I am not married and i don't have any child that will inherit this money

As i will be going for a major operation and incase i am alive after the operation,I will like you to do the followings wishes for me,

1.You will invest $2m Million for me.

2.Donate $1.5m Million to orphanages, Old people, Homeless

3.keep $1m Million for yourself for handling the funds and doing the work of God on my behalf.

Incase i could not make it again in life,Then you will donate $3 Million to orphanages, Old people, homeless.

Then you will keep $1.5m Million for yourself.

I want you to always pray for me for God intervation for the operation to be successful.

I am waiting to receive your reply so that i shall give you the contact on where i deposited the money for you to communicate with them on my behalf and receive the money because i have already informed the bank manager and he is waiting to release the money as soon as i am ready.

I am sending you this message from the hospital bed where i was admitted.

Thanks and remain bless

Mrs Katherine Travers

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