Friday, July 1, 2011

Chris Hansen

So I think I mentioned in a post a while ago that I was going to do a post on Chris Hansen. I am just getting to this now. It has been a while since I actually wrote a blog entry. I have just been posting 419 scam e-mails I have been getting. So Chris Hansen is awesome. That's all I have to say about him. He focuses on exactly what I like to do which is reveal scams out there. Chris if you read this e-mail keep up the good work! I love his new series "The Hansen Files". He did this one episode on repair men. One guy started flipping out because he felt that he needed to catch Pedafiles and not him. Well that is ridiculous because people need to know about scams out there as well. Even though this guy is not a child predator he is still a predator that prays on home owners without a clue. It's still deceiving and pathetic. Anyways this is all I have to say about this particular topic.

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