Friday, July 1, 2011

419 Scams

email 1:

International Agent in charge of debt reconciliation

Plaza de Santa Ana , 14, Madrid , 28012 Espa?a

Tel: 0011 34 672 902 424, Fax 0011 34911820316

Dear Beneficiary,

We have been charged by American transparency international group to
monitor and reconcile debts owed to individuals, companies and agencies
through our monitoring excise of foreign payment transactions. We advise
you to quit from your present and past dealings / communication with those
promising to release your funds either by ATM, Wire transfer, and
diplomatic delivery, Compensation ETC. it is our duty to detect good or
bad payment release contacts and issue you with payment advice after
thorough cross-examination of your transactions. have you for once as ask
yourself why after so much demand of fees nothing was release to you
rather you will continue paying until when you are financially exhausted
then you will be abandon by them for another victim capable of paying
them. Our agency was inaugurated just to reconcile and process beneficiary
fund release without fraud/scam infection. Don?? be scared rather do
yourself the favor to stop answering sweat convincing mails, you will
receive your funds without

We have the international responsibility to detect good and fraudulent
transactions, many beneficiaries has received there funds through the help
of our agency, yours will not be different if only you will talk to
yourself. There is no debt reconciliation payment release without the
approval of our agency here in Madrid Spain . Those people causes
artificial obstructions in other to extort more money from you, they have
credit cards to secure international numbers online in other to convince
you further. You need to find out the truth or you will keep fooling
yourself till the end of time. More insights and conviction will be shared
with you as soon as you find it fit to respond to this message. Don??
forward this message to them because they will still make you believe is
not true so desist from communicating with them for the mean time. The
keep using names of existing banks to dupe you and abandon you to suffer
in penury, I am waiting for your urgent reply.

You will be further detail when you respond positively


Mr John Carlos

Coordinating Officer

Tel: 0011 34 672 902 424, Fax 0011 34911820316

email 2:

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email 3:


Dear Friend

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope this mail meets you in a perfect condition. You may not understand why this mail came to you. But if you do not remember me, you might have receive an email from me in the past regarding a business proposal which we never concluded.

I am happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under cooperation of a new partner from Dominican Republic. Presently I'm in Dominican Republic for investment projects with my own share of the total sum meanwhile,I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. Now contact my secretary in Benin rep Africa, his name is Hon Philip Watson

TELEPHONE :+22998199281

Ask him to send you the total cash check of $1.2 million dollars which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempt to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your collective efforts at that time so feel free and get in touch with my secretary Hon Philip Watson and instruct him where to send the amount to you. Do it fast before the CASH CHECK EXPIRED.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the sufferings at that time. In the moment, I am very busy here in Dominican Republic because of the investment projects which I and the new partner are having at hand without confrontations,Finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to the secretary on your behalf to receive that CASH CHECK, so feel free to get in touch with Hon Philip Watson my secretary he will send the CHECK to you without any delay

former governor central bank of Africa

Email 4:

Hello My Dear Friend,

My Name is Mrs Marilyn Quate i am 47 years old from germany and a wife to the late Mr Blanc Quate who was from california in Usa,I am presently in germany receiving treatments for my long time cancer of the breast.The intention of this letter is to seek for your attention and help inrespect of my funds lying in a security company in usa after my doctors told me that my sickness has got to a stage where it can no longer make me breath this is as a result of the fact that my cancer was not treated in time and has gotten to a very bad stage where it can no longer be treated to the extent of keeping me alive.

My loving husband left me the time i need him most in a car crash accident and indeed we were very wealthy and notured a good christian home though we did not have children we didn't blame each other for that beacause it is the way nature wants it,i inherited all my late husband's wealth and buisness and before time crucial time of my sickness i have been trusting people who careless about me and my intentions people who stole from me in the name of sharing this funds to my desired places like the motherless baby homes,orphange homes etc i never knew that your best friend could be your worst enemy ,they took advantage of my goodwill and good intentions to help the poor and the motherless homes through the acquisited wealth of my late husband.

This is might not sound right to you or it might sound very weird to you but my dear friend i seek for your assistance to accomplish my heart desires for the poor my helping me receive the last funds of my husband wealth which was willed to me that is currently in a security company as i can no longer trust me arround me .The said amount with the security company is (Two million eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars) and i want you to apply on my behalf to security company for the immediate release of this funds to you at my own expenditure without having you spend any money.I beg of you to help me complete my heart desires but if you can't do this for me i will understand and accept my faith or probably have the security company confiscate the funds as i can't trust people arround me who are inconsiderate but it will be very painful after reading this message and you decide not to help a poor widow carry out her last wish on earth.

My Dear if my story touches you,please reply me and i will email you the details of the firm where the funds are so you can contact for the release of the funds to you.

Remain Blessed
Mrs Marilyn Quate

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