Monday, June 6, 2011

Craigslist Scams

So a lot of people know about Craigslist and how a lot of the jobs posted on their are scams. Especially the areas where employers don't need to pay a fee to list. There is a new type of scam that is out there now. Before "employers" were telling people to pay for a background check, credit report, etc. Now what "employers" are doing is asking people for their personal information telling them to send their social security number as well as other personal info to them through an e-mail. They are then using it to steal identities. Another scam that I heard about recently is this "personal assistant" position that has been plastered all over Craigslist. What these people will end up doing is having people posting ad's on Craigslist for positions that do not exist and not paying the people that are posting these ad's. The ad's they want them to post is so people will respond and they can get personal information from the applicants. These scammers are getting very good now and I encourage everyone to do their homework on these companies before you take part in any thing that they offer. You use to be able to tell it was a scam when they didn't list a city and just the state. Now they are actually listing cities as well. Please be careful everyone. I cannot stress this enough. Remember the famous line "if it seems to good to be true it probably is". That is very true in life and especially on Craigslist. These "employers" will offer unusually high pay for positions that are entry level.

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