Friday, June 10, 2011

Companies that don't pay

I did a blog on this topic in 2010 but figured on doing it again cause it is a real issue. There are soo many companies out there that do not pay their employees or if they do pay its less then what the employee is owed. These companies are getting away with it more and more because of the currently economical state of the country. Years ago people who stay far away from shady looking companies but now people will take anything that is given to them. Yes these companies are pretty easy to get into but if they don't pay its useless. If you report them to the labor board all they will do is need to pay a fine. In order to actually get a company shut down is a very long process and appeals are always brought in. Also the company will just make things right with the plaintiff(s) so they don't need to get shut down. After that though they will go back to not paying their employee's wages owed. I shouldn't say employee's cause that implies that they still work there. These are people that have worked there but no longer do. I don't blame them, I wouldn't work for a company that doesn't pay me. I know that I have mentioned Craigslist several times are far as shady companies go but they are everywhere, not just on Craigslist. Hell, I wasn't paid from a company that seemed to be extremely legit and they posted on, which you need to pay for. Most people like myself don't bother with going through the process to get wages owed anyways. It is long and very time consuming. I think that there needs to be an easier way to get wages owed to you if in fact you are screwed out of wages by an employer. My advice to everyone who is owed money from a past employer is to go through the process with the labor board. Even though it can be a very long process like I just mentioned it is worth it. Unfortunately for the companies I haven't been paid by it is too late for me. Doing this process will put a bad mark on the employers record and that can lead to them being shut down with enough complaints. I just think that there are too many people out there like myself that have just stayed quiet and have never said anything. If you need to and if you have the funds available you should even retain an attorney. If you need to take it to court you can also get back the attorneys fee's as well as other fee's deemed appropriate by law.

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