Monday, June 20, 2011

419 Scams

Email 1:

First, I must apologize for intruding into your private email address, but I humbly ask that you take due consideration of the importance and immense benefit that this communication brings to you. However strange and surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not met personally or hand any dealings with you in the past.

My names are Hans Rudolf Tommer from Switzerland and I am a legal consultant/Broker. I am representing some members of the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Switzerland. (ICEP) is in charge with the responsibility of finding accounts in Switzerland belonging to non-Swiss indigenes, which have remained dormant since World War II. For more information please kindly check:

My clients and close associates who are members of (ICEP) discovered a dormant account with the sum of Forty Eight Million United States Dollars ($48M) including accumulated interests. My associates required my assistance in find best possible ways to legally transfer the funds with my supervision as an experienced legal consultant/broker. Due to this opportunity, my clients at (ICEP) have confided in me to help search for a foreign partner that will assisting putting the funds into the banking system and also assist in investing part of the funds into profitable business ventures for mutual benefits.

Because my associates at (ICEP), Switzerland have mandated me to search for a foreign partners, hence my aim for contacting you. Please do not despair because I got your email contact from a business search engine on the internet before deciding to contact you. I have known my associates for almost more than 15 years and I do not wish to fail them on this project due to my responsibility and capacity as their legal consultant.

I and my associates have well established contacts with the Claims Resolutions Tribunal (CRT) responsible for handling and processing of all claims on accounts due to non-Swiss citizens. The claims for this project will be processed under an expedited procedure due to the uncomplicated nature of the claims.

I have also made contacts with the Legal Escrow Company responsible for the Dormant Account Recovery (DAR) in the United Kingdom since the original beneficiary of the funds in question is domiciled in the UK. I and my associates have finalized arrangements with the Legal Escrow Company to take over the funds by the new beneficiary legally which you will be representing.

I and my associates are willing to offer you as much as 20% (USD $9.6M) of the entire funds plus investments after the completion of the project. There is no legal risk involved in this project and all process of administrative claims will be legally achieved to transfer the funds to your name as the new beneficiary without any hitch.

In conclusion, if you are willing and ready to assist I and my associates claim the dormant account smoothly, please kindly indicate in your return reply to: and I will furnish you with comprehensive details on how the project will be completed including my direct contact telephone number so that you can call me for questions and clarifications where necessary.

I and my associates look forward to doing more deals with you.

Best regards,

Hans R. Tommer

Email 2:
International Agent in charge of debt reconciliation

Plaza de Santa Ana , 14, Madrid , 28012 Espa?a

Tel: 0011 34 672 902 424, Fax 0011 34911820316

Dear Beneficiary,

We have been charged by American transparency international group to
monitor and reconcile debts owed to individuals, companies and agencies
through our monitoring excise of foreign payment transactions. We advise
you to quit from your present and past dealings / communication with those
promising to release your funds either by ATM, Wire transfer, and
diplomatic delivery, Compensation ETC. it is our duty to detect good or
bad payment release contacts and issue you with payment advice after
thorough cross-examination of your transactions. have you for once as ask
yourself why after so much demand of fees nothing was release to you
rather you will continue paying until when you are financially exhausted
then you will be abandon by them for another victim capable of paying
them. Our agency was inaugurated just to reconcile and process beneficiary
fund release without fraud/scam infection. Don?? be scared rather do
yourself the favor to stop answering sweat convincing mails, you will
receive your funds without

We have the international responsibility to detect good and fraudulent
transactions, many beneficiaries has received there funds through the help
of our agency, yours will not be different if only you will talk to
yourself. There is no debt reconciliation payment release without the
approval of our agency here in Madrid Spain . Those people causes
artificial obstructions in other to extort more money from you, they have
credit cards to secure international numbers online in other to convince
you further. You need to find out the truth or you will keep fooling
yourself till the end of time. More insights and conviction will be shared
with you as soon as you find it fit to respond to this message. Don??
forward this message to them because they will still make you believe is
not true so desist from communicating with them for the mean time. The
keep using names of existing banks to dupe you and abandon you to suffer
in penury, I am waiting for your urgent reply.

You will be further detail when you respond positively


Mr John Carlos

Coordinating Officer

Tel: 0011 34 672 902 424, Fax 0011 34911820316

Email 3:
Date: 18th June, 2011
Tickets No. lotto/2010/ATM

Dear Lucky Winner,

Reference to the just concluded Free Internet lotteries promo ballot draw
which was conducted on the 18th June, 2011 through an
electronical selection of member exclusive list of 100,000,000 Email user
addresses on our data base ,You have won US$ 1,000,000
Million Dollars ATM Card From The Free Internet lotteries, Which your
e-mail address have been Chosen today on the 18th June, 2011, To
free lotto Tickets No. lotto/2010/ATM.

Please contact your Release Agent(Mr. Mark Rollins) with the require
Mr. Mark Rollins
Tel: +234-81-8467-4364

1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Occupation:
4. Country:
5. Telephone:
6. Sex:
7. Age:
8. How Do You Feel As A Winner:

All Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of draw results. only one claim
submission will be required. Successful claims will be honored
within 21 days of claim

Sir David Jonathan
Free Internet Lottery Inc Zonal Co-coordinator.
Copyright ? 1996-2011 The Free Internet Lottery Inc.

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  1. Yeah, I got that exact 1st email but I didnt reply. Thank you for exposing it as a scam!