Monday, May 2, 2011

"Inbound call centers"

So I would like to let everyone know about this at home "Inbound call centers". You need to be really careful because even though there is no investment required there is still a chance of you being scammed. You get these "hear today gone tomorrow" places that are completely bullshit. There have been massive complaints about them. They would send people checks that aren't even real. Some of these companies use what is called a predictive dialer system. All that is is putting numbers into a computer software and letting them dial out. The software then connects you when someone picks up the phone. So that is cold calling. The biggest thing though is the pay and the potential to have identity theft. Now I use Life Lock so I don't worry about it as much. I have been impressed with that company and its only $10 a month. The main thing is, is when these employers make outrageous claims. Saying you can make $2000+ a week starting off. That is just a plain out lie. Company's always hire 1099 basis now a days anyways. So it is always commission only. They say "well it may be commission only but you can make 2 sales an hour! I have worked in sales before and its never that much, starting out anyways. So my advice to you is to stay clear of these companies. They are getting smart and not wanting an investment but they aren't paying either.


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