Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel Magazine Sales

I would like to express my concerns about travel magazine sales people. I know I have done this topic before however I would like to cover some more stuff on it. First off many of them have criminal records. Many of the "leaders" have criminal records. These are not misdamenors either, they are serious felonies such as kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. What they do is go into rough neighborhoods and advertise on craigslist and other free websites they can advertise on as a great job and a "Road Rules" type atmosphere. There was an ad running on craigslist that I wanted to copy and paste but it got taken off. They are taking advantage of the less fortunate promising them all this money and not giving it to them. They take money out of their paychecks for random stuff. For more information on this you can visit a website called That has in depth information on the convictions of these sales people and the sales people who have died doing this terrible job. Also I story that really touched my heart that I saw on youtube was It shows 2 young adults from tough neighborhoods being taken advantage of by a travel magazine sales company. This is human trafficking and needs to be stopped immediately. Some states have already taken action against this and more states will continue to. There have been tons of stories on the news about this line of work and I don't see this getting better anytime soon.

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