Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ChaCha Guide Position

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone who reads my blog into a new thing I have been doing. Its being a ChaCha guide. Here is more information below. I encourage you all to sign up and give it a try!

What is ChaCha?
ChaCha is a company that answers peoples questions. People can either go to their website at http://www.chacha.com, they can send a text to ChaCha (242242), or they can even call 1-800-2ChaCha (1-800-224-2242) and speak the question they would like answered. This is a 100% free service that they offer to the public. The questions are usually very easy such as “What is the weather in San Diego CA” or “What is the cheapest laptop computer on Amazon.com”. ChaCha does not spam your phone at all with advertisements so you do not need to worry about your privacy.

ChaCha has guides that answer these questions that people send in. This is where you would come in if you are interested. They currently have 4 different roles that they hire for.

Expeditor: This role involves receiving the questions and either answering them through their quick answers. If the questions needs to be researched further you would then clean up the grammar and spelling and then send it off to a specialist to answer. This position can be combined with a Vetter role as well.

Generalist/Specialist: This role involves researching and answering the questions as they come in from the Expeditor. The Expeditor has “cleaned up” the questions so most of the time they are very easy to find an answer to. You have 10 minutes to answer the question but once you get the hang of things they usually only take a minute or 2. Make sure you answer the questions in 160 characters or less which the system does count for you as you type.

Voice Transcriber: This role involves questions that come in from people who call in. You are not speaking to anyone over the phone these are just recorded questions. You then type them out and either answer them through the finder or send them on to an Expeditor. This role is good for people who are able to listen good. You are also able to combine this role with an Expeditor or a Vetter role if you wish.

Vetter: This is a role that ChaCha came up with not too long ago. This is a very fast paced role that involves questions coming in and the answer is basically in front of you. You don’t send these questions on to a Specialist because most of the time they can be answered very quickly. If there is a question that comes in that you cannot answer you just click “No Suitable Answers”. This role is designed for people who enjoy working very quickly. This role can be combined with either a Voice Transcriber or a Expeditor. I currently work as a dual role Expeditor/Vetter.

The way ChaCha pays is either by direct deposit into your bank account or by a company provided debit card. Direct deposit into your bank account is available once a month and you are required to have a minimum amount that you have earned of $150. With the debit card option you can get paid anytime with any amount you have earned as long as it is over $2.00. I will note here that I have NEVER had a problem getting paid with ChaCha.

In addition to the guaranteed pay you get per question they also offer contests. These contests are mostly on the weekends or holidays. A lot of the times at night they have a large pot of money they are willing to split up between their guides if they answer a certain amount of questions. This happens when there are tons of questions that come in and they need guides to get on and answer questions.

The thing I love about ChaCha is that you can work whenever you want. They never make you get on at certain times to answer questions. If you don’t want to work for a day or a couple of weeks you don’t need to. If you want to work 50+ hours a week you are able to as well. As I stated above it will not make you rich but it will definitely help you pay some bills or have some extra spending cash.

If you would like to sign up you can go to http://becomeaguide.chacha.com. You can go to www.chacha.com and click become a guide as well. When filling out some basic information put my e-mail dgraynh@aol.com under referral. After filling out this information you will be taken to the ChaCha universe to begin your training. This should only take you about 30 minutes and then you will take a readiness test. I do earn a small referral fee for most roles of people who sign up. You will earn that too when you refer people as well. You don’t need to worry about this because ChaCha pays this fee so you don’t loose any money!

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to e-mail me at dgraynh@comcast.net. You can always to go http://answers.chacha.com as well.

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