Friday, February 11, 2011

Jeff Pauls shortcuts to internet millions

I am sure you all have seen the infomercial that use to be on all the time. 2 very attractive women selling you this package for $39.95 that can make you rich. Then Jeff Paul hired all these actors and actresses who were very well scripted claiming they make 100K a week. Well my friends as the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it is. Jeff Paul can really talk a good game but what he is not telling you is that the $40 that you call in for when your receive the package it is only very limited information. You will then be contacted by telemarketers day and night trying to sell you these other packages you need to buy to learn the secrets on how to become rich overnight. These packages will cost you thousands of dollars. If you notice you don't see Jeff Paul on television anymore trying to sell this outrageous bullshit. Even his website is basically shut down. The front page is there but thats about it. If you try to visit other pages on his site they are no longer there. Jeff Paul has earned thousands of complaints against his business. He even made a pledge on to resolve all complaints. I just did a search as I am typing this now and those complaints have all been removed, I wonder why? On the BBB Shortcuts to internet millions has not been able to be contacted for sometime now. However Jeff Paul LLC has earned an F rating with them with as of today with a total of 94 unresolved complaints 58 of them unanswered. Back a couple of years ago when his infomercial was on me and my father use to watch it Saturday mornings and laugh our assess off at his complete utter garbage he was talking. He never did say what you would actually be doing to make money did he? Oh you gotta love scammers!

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