Monday, January 10, 2011

Powerline 100

I have been researching this MLM called Powerline 100 for several weeks now. Their product is a Power Pack Library which has several different kinds of books. This program seems to have not been around very long. I am however concerned with some of the things I have read. They advertise in several business opportunity magazines and say that they have a live call every Tuesday and Thursday nights. When you call the number that they leave in the magazine it then directs you to another number. Then they say that due to high demand the live calls are now recordings available 24/7 so there are no more live calls. Also when I took a look at their website it says that their are recorded training calls to listen to 20-30 hours worth. It doesn't say anything about live training calls or any live calls. If you want to get people into your company you need to have live calls. You are able to speak with your sponsor but what about the owners of the company? I have also read a review from someone who said that they have no back office which is very important. A back office is support ensuring your success in this business. Powerline 100 says that they have a back office so I am not sure what to believe in this situation. I cannot find much on the background of this company. There is no address listed for them not even a city/state or PO Box so you don't even know where they are out of. I can't look up their business license because of this. I have searched and cannot find anything. So obviously they really haven't been around long at all. Even companies that are not scams have reports on that site. Powerline 100 charges $100 to join which is given to their sponsor. They then charge a $7.00 admin fee. Then there is a $30 monthly fee after. So we are not talking about thousands of dollars to join but its still money. It seems to me that Powerline 100 is a pyramid scheme and I would be very cautious about joining it. Oh and they also do not provide refunds either.

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