Monday, January 24, 2011

Jobs with no sence of reality

So I was thinking about this today, jobs that have pricks for management and they don't understand anything. So picture this... you are in a very bad car accident and end up in the hospital. Your job is notified about it, then instead of contacting you to see how you are they decide to mail you your check and to hell with you. How about you find out you have cancer and can't work at the moment when you need to take chemo, the job decides to terminate you rather then holding your job for you. This has happened before to people I know and me being one of them. It is amazing at how emotionless employers are. I have a friend who couldn't get to work because of a very bad snow storm. They then told him he had to make it in and he said he couldn't so they demoted him. What would happen if someone tried to go into work and got killed in a car accident? Would you then feel bad about it? Answer is probably not. This working world is becoming hell for people. Employers are making people go to work when working is not a priority for that day, staying safe inside is. What about the places such as a major retail chain which I will not name. Their policy is "We are open all the time even in a blizzard. We will all be here with a smile on our face". That place hires and fires like there is no tomorrow. No wonder why, they pay minimum wage and give their cashiers a daily sales quota with NO commission. If the cashiers are not able to sign up enough people for their charge cards they get fired. If you are an employee who is reading this and has an employer like this I feel your pain. I have been there and done that. If you are an employer who expects this from your employee's get a fucking grip. If there is a snow storm with 2 feet of snow being dumped on the roads its not worth risking your life as well as your employee's lives. If something does happen to one of them your company can be risking a lot more then loosing a few bucks for the day. Also please if someone is very ill and needs time off LET THEM!

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  1. At this call center I worked at nine years ago (Intermedia Marketing), one of my co-workers had an accident on the way to work. The main supervisor told her that she would be fired if that happened again. Unbelievable.

    It wasn't surprising, though. They promoted a few people to reg. supervisors that treated some of my co-workers poorly, and they moved all the calls to one part of the room while the area I was sitting wasn't getting hardly any (about 3-4 a day).