Thursday, January 13, 2011 is a real shady company. You sign up for a free credit report but then you need to give your credit card information. When you call up to cancel they try and hard sell you into staying with them. I have had to yell at the rep to cancel my membership and he finally did. I warned my mother against using them but she did anyways. I was there when my mother was on the phone trying to cancel with them. They charged her account when she was still under her free trial. She threatened to report them to the attorney general and that was when they decided to cancel. Affiliates of them were posting non existing jobs on craigslist and then when you tried to apply they would send you a link to get a credit report that the job supposedly required. Only that there was no job though. I then sent them an e-mail explaining what an affiliate of theirs was doing. I never heard back. I suggest to the owners of this company that they had better change their ways or else they will lose a TON of business. I checked out on this company and there are tons and tons of complaints regarding unauthorized charges to peoples accounts. That is all I have to say about them.

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