Monday, January 10, 2011

419 Scammer

This to inform you that your funds of US$28.5 Million has been approved and will be deliver to you through the service of A Diplomat Attached with our Bank to deliver the cash to your given address

I am the Cash Payment Director Of GT Bank Of London and as far as you follow my directives you will never regret this transaction. Never you disclose this new arrangement to anybody till you claim this fund and also i will assist you to sure the document that can enable you to deposit the fund into your account or anybank of your chioce as soon as you receive this fund.

You are hereby advised to forward these details to this office below:

(1) Your Full Names:
(2) Your Address :
(3) Direct Telephone Number for easy access of communication.
(4) Your Occupation
(5)Send Any Of your personal id to avoid wrong delivery.
(6) A promissory note that you will pay me 30% for as a compensation after you received your fund.

The Funds will be delivering to you within a maximum of 48 hours on receiving the requested details.

The information should therefore be sent in the manner stated below: send email:

so as to ensure that no mistake is made. call me on my private phone number Tel: +44 702 407 5216 as soon as you receive this message

Mr Nelson Dickson
Cash Payment Director
Gt Bank London
Tel: +44 702 407 5216

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