Friday, December 10, 2010


After weeks of researching this MLM called Ameriplan I have mixed reactions to it. Ameriplan is just like many of the MLMs out there. If you can recruit enough people to be on your team then you can make decent money. Ameriplan also offer's dentist and doctor office discounts as well. When I searched reviews on this opportunity some people have said that the dental and health discounts are out dated on Ameriplan's provider website. According to some people the providers on Ameriplan's website are no longer accepting the discount. According to other people they have had great luck using these discounts provided by Ameriplan. Basically, it all depends on the area you are located in.

As far as Ameriplan's business opportunity there have been mixed reactions as well. Some people say they have not made a dime. Others say that they have made a lot of money. I think if you have the right personality and spend money you can do well. You are not going to succeed if you just spend money on advertising and have no sales personality. Sales is a field that is not for everyone and there are more people that fail then succeed. This is not necessarily Ameriplan's fault.

So all in all I would not call Ameriplan a SCAM. Like I mentioned above if you have the right type of personality and drive you can succeed in this business. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I think some people who have signed up for this think it is. To be successful at this I would say you need to put a lot of time into getting your name out there. I also think there are going to be some advertising costs involved. The big thing is.... more people fail then succeed at this business. I do want to let everyone know that I am NOT an Ameriplan business owner. This is the information I have found from reading reviews and researching their website. I hope this has helped you out in making a decision.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

419 Scammer

A 419 scammer contacted me through my business website. Here is what he had to say....

Name: Jerry Yang


Phone: (not given)

Dear Sir,
This is an official request for representation on behalf of LANKOM
ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Our company's principal activity is to sell and
develop electronic components and other peripheral equipment. The
Electronic parts division deals in semiconductors and EMS for personal
computers,and general electronic parts. The Information equipment
division sells personal computers and computer peripheral equipment.
We have most of our debtors who are indebted to us within the range of
$300,000 to $800,000 US. We feel employing the service of a
professional debt collection team that will facilitate quick payment
from our debtors/customers.
We are presently incapacitated due to international legal boundaries
to exert pressure on our delinquent customers and we request for your
services accordingly. We got your contact information from the Online
Directory as a result of our search for a reliable firm or individual
to provide collection services as requested. we are of the opinion
that you are capable and qualified to provide these services as
On behalf of LANKOM ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, Please accept my sincerest
appreciation in advance for your willingness to render your services
as we look forward to your prompt response to our request.
Yours truly,
Jerry Yang
Regional Sales Manager
(Branch office United Kingdom)

When I did a search on this business it came up in Taiwan. He is stating that he is in the UK. I also googled the business name and Jerry Yang and both came up as 419 scams. He claims his business wants collection activity done on some high ticket accounts. Ya right.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

419 Scam

This is a very short 419 e-mail I received.

Your Mail ID has won £950,000,00 GBP. in our Mercedes Benz Promo.for claim send‏‏‏

hide details 2:53 AM (14 hours ago)


Friday, December 3, 2010

Judgment Recovery

This is not a scam that I am exposing this is just a statement about the Judgment Recovery field. Judgment Recovery can be a very lucrative business. However, you need to be able to put time into this. I have worked with many Judgment Enforcers and most of them are not serious about it. This is why I have been shying away from doing their skip tracing. The way my services worked were on a contingency basis, meaning if they get paid I get paid. My payment relied on them actually doing their work. I have performed services to these people and I never saw a payment. I also was doing work for just starting out Judgment Enforcers and became a counselor to them telling them how to enforce their Judgments. I am not being paid to provide those services. I would provide them the information they needed to enforce their Judgment and then they would never act on it.

Also I would get Judgments that were non enforceable. When someone has no job, no money, no property it is not very likely to be enforceable. You can't squeeze blood out of a rock they say. I got a few Judgments from a Judgment Enforcer who had been in business for a while. One of the debtors had went bankrupt, and the rest had no assets at all. I reported this back to him and he acted like it was my fault. If I don't see any money coming from these debtors then I am not going to keep working on it. As I have stated before I worked on a contingency basis only.

I loved the Judgment Enforcers who would say "Yes I am really excited about your services, I hope we can work together for a long time". I would send out my contract, they would sign it, then I would never hear from them again. I am still waiting to hear back from 3 Judgment Enforcers who couldn't wait to work with me, it has been months now.

So people please, if you want to get into this field, be serious about it. This is not easy work and takes a lot of work and patience. If you are serious about it and want Judgments in your area visit I am not trying to sell you into this website. I just have a business associate I have been working with who runs this site.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Over the past several weeks I have been watching Dateline on YouTube. I have come across an investigation they did on Quixtar/Amway. This is very interesting how this company screws people out of their money. Its a damn cult! For all of you that don't know what Quixtar/Amway is it is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company that you can sell their products and other companies products. You also are encouraged to recruit other people in this business opportunity as well. Then you would make money off of those people. That is where the MLM comes into play. This piece from Dateline NBC explains it all. I encourage you to all watch it.