Thursday, November 18, 2010

Temp Agencies

Now I know that Temp Agencies have worked out for some people. However, I have not found any that have worked out for me nor other people I know. It is one thing to want someone to come down to your office and fill out an application and interview with your agency. The other day I was on Craigslist and sent an e-mail about a job. I did not send my resume or anything because the job was very vague and left no company. I got an e-mail from someone asking me to meet them at a public place and bring 2 forms of ID. Nothing about a resume though or a company name for that matter. The person didn't even give me their name but they did give a number (which I will not post). This was a gmail e-mail address as well so it could be anyone. All I have to say is that if you are in fact a legit agency then make sure you let them know of your company name, website, and please use a company e-mail address. Oh and one more thing a NAME!

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