Saturday, November 6, 2010

Craigslist job postings

I really wish that employers will post their company name instead of just asking applicants to send their resume over. Myself as well as many others have a problem sending their resumes which have personal information on it to someone that doesn't even disclose their company name. These employers may not in fact be trying to scam you but it certainly looks like it when they do not want to give a name. The ones that are 99% scams are the ones that only list the state. Unless it is a type of job that requires you to travel throughout the whole state they just want information from you. I have also gotten some real shady phone calls when I have sent my resume to a company advertising on craigslist. I suggest to you job seekers out there that you do not use any type of personal information on your resume such as address, social security number, and any other information that could have your identity stolen. Only give that information if you are invited in for an interview or to fill out a formal application. Craigslist isn't the safest place and anyone can post a job for free usually (depending on the city). I am more open to send a resume to a company that is confidential on an actual job board that requires the employers to pay (,, etc). Employers are able to access your information that you provided on the website profile anyways. You can set the privacy settings to be more restrictive towards this if you would like but, the more open you have your profile the more chance you will have of getting contacted by an employer. Still though, do not give out any private information unless filling out an application for the company. I cannot stress enough to leave private information out of your resume. If they ask you to send the names and numbers for references make sure you know for sure that this is a legit company. The last thing you want to do is give that information out and have those peoples numbers sold to other companies for sales, scams, etc. Craigslist does have some legit companies posting jobs on since it is free, with that their are not so good places posting. I have seen jobs on craigslist that don't pay, not very nice people to work for, and illegal activity. Always use common sense and be careful.

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