Monday, September 27, 2010

Sales Jobs

I am sure all of you have seen job postings for selling vacuums and knives. These places seem to hire all the time. I see job postings on craigslist every week for these positions. They use to be only on Monday and Tuesday but lately I have been seeing them all week. The way these companies work is on a commission basis, which is fine if that is what you are into. The problem is is that there have been reports that these companies don't pay what they say they will. One company called Kirby claims to offer a base pay which is only if you make the number appointments. I am told that they will not give you the number of appointments on purpose so you won't make the base pay. I know people who have worked there in the past that have never gotten the amount of appointments. I want to show you a link of a manager of a Kirby branch has said on rip off report. He completely lost his credibility and consumers have made it very clear.

Dave Howard the manager of this place is claiming that the guy who wrote this report is a registered sex offender. Even if they were a sex offender that is something you do not go into, that is slander. I hope that this applicant filed a lawsuit against him. I would encourage him to if he didn't yet.

Of all the people I know who have worked for Kirby only one has made some serious money. He was a very good sales person but he complained about having to put so many miles on his car. So if you are a very good sales person you can make it but it is very rare. This person even told me that hardly anyone makes it. Even he didn't make the base pay with appointments. I will say that Kirby Vacuums are a very good product. Just their marketing tactics suck.

Now Vector Marketing is another company I wanted to talk about. Just like Kirby they have a great product which is Cutco Knives. There marketing techniques are shit though. The way they do it is they have representatives go out and sell their knives to people who they know. Then they get referrals from those people and so on to set up appointments to sell the knives to. They say that it is $16.50 or some other price per appointment. They say that it is hourly because each appointment is suppose to only take an hour. This pay only applies if you do not make a sale. If you make a sale there is no base pay its just commission. It could be good if you make a lot of sales. With Cutco you need to purchase their knife set which is around $300. They say you can get the money back if you return it after you leave but I am not sure of that. There are a lot of people who work for them that will defend the company. Which is probably management. However I have gotten some real nasty emails from these employers calling me a "fucking idiot", very unprofessional. It is just amazing at how these companies are. They hire these employees who are suppose to make the company look good and they use those kinds of statements.

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