Friday, September 24, 2010

Jobs that don't pay their employee's

I have experienced a few places that have you work and then if it doesn't work out they don't pay you anything. One particular place I have heard the same thing about another employee who use to work there. When they got rid of him because he wouldn't break the law (this was a collection agency that has been sued multiple times) they never gave him his last check. He had to force them to give it to him by reporting them to the labor board. Problem is, there is not a lot of evidence you can give them. I was still in training when I decided to leave so I didn't have a punch in code or anything. I decided to leave because of what I was hearing these collectors saying over the phone. I had worked in debt collection for a while and I am well aware of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This trainer was telling us how we can get around the law, even though the stuff he told us was complete bullshit. I have had to come down hard on a couple of places to get them to pay me. One place I believe was going to try and get out of paying me. They had me give my 2 forms of ID to copy but for some reason didn't have me fill out a tax form. The worked sucked cause it was telemarketing and they told me the job was something else then it really was. When I decided to leave that place I faxed them a filled out tax form and then I received a check. I believe the only reason why I received a check is because they knew I wasn't going to back down. I should have known these places were sketchy cause I found them on craigslist. If you worked at a place for even a few hours if they told you there was an hourly rate they are responsible for paying you. If they do not pay you make sure you document that and when you worked there (date, time). Take that information and bring it to the labor board. If you didn't punch in or anything it will be a bit more difficult to prove BUT you can do it. If there are enough complaints against this company they can be shut down.

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