Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are employers really going too far?

This isn't really a scam entry, more of a civil topic. Are employers going to far with the questions they ask? I think some of them are and should be reported and fined by the labor board. Let me use a couple of examples. I know that when you see these blog entries you probably are noticing I have been through the job searching game for a while. Indeed I have. I have also had several jobs that have only lasted a few days due to me not putting up with their shit. The way I look at it is, you only live once therefore don't deal with peoples ignorance even if they are your boss. Ok, now back to the examples.... Back several years ago when I was in college I was thinking about taking a semester off to work full time. There was a company close to where I was attending school. I had done business with them before purchasing their items online. I was offered a job with them before but decided not to take it because they didn't offer health insurance. Which is something that I really needed due to health problems I have. If I took a job there I was going to get kicked off my parents plan and was going to end up paying more in my medical bills then making. I denied the job and the guy told me that they were hoping to get health insurance within the next several months. Six or so months go by and I saw that they were hiring so I decided to apply again, thinking they would have health insurance by now. They selected another candidate for this particular position but a new position became open about a month later. They called me up to offer it to me and I asked if they had health insurance yet and the guy said no. I told him I needed prescription drug coverage and that was when he said to me "well we do a background check so I need to know what medications you are on". I couldn't believe what I was hearing, he just asked me a very personal question that he had no right asking. I told him that it has nothing to do with my working abilities and he said "just name them". At that point I just said I am not interested. Another occasion was when an employer called me up after I sent him a resume and he said that he needed to ask me a few questions and of course I said ok. His questions were "do you have any disabilities whatsoever? Do you belong to an organization such as the chamber of commerce or the BBB?" Now I am not sure where this guy was trying to get at but asking me if I have any disabilities whatsoever is a clear violation. When he asked me about my work history I said I worked for my dad's company for years and when he asked what the line of work was in I said he's basically a disability advocate. Well his tone then really changed and told me he would call me back for an interview. Funniest thing is, he did! I just didn't answer the phone, fucking dickhead.

I have no idea why employers are asking these personal questions. It seems like they never get in trouble for it either. There companies may not be a scam, I know for a fact that one of them isn't. They sell good products and they seem to know how to run a shop. I am just not going to put up with a company that asks me those personal questions.

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